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Migrate to SharePoint Online

Why Companies Should Migrate to SharePoint Online Today

24 Sep 2020


Migrate to SharePoint Online

Planning to migrate to SharePoint Online? Microsoft SharePoint, since its inception, has played a vital role in enterprise communication & collaboration; no wonder Microsoft 365 & SharePoint have revolutionized the way organizations operate. If you’re running SharePoint 2010, it’s time to consider migrating to SharePoint Online, SharePoint has transformed so much going from just an application to a robust modern workplace platform for collaboration, document & record management alongside offering web content & portals helping companies bring in higher productivity. Microsoft has brought in numerous cool features for SharePoint online and it wouldn’t stop adding more.

Studies reveal 55.56% of SharePoint users are aboard SharePoint Online already

It’s not surprising companies that have moved to SharePoint Online from their older On-premise versions of SharePoint 2010 & 2013 define them as clunky and incompatible with modern technologies. They are fostering higher productivity and effective communication by embracing cloud solutions, hence businesses today are moving to SharePoint Online without additional thought.

Why You Should Migrate from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online?

Microsoft ended support for SharePoint 2010 in October 2020, which means that you’ll no longer receive security updates, patches, or bug fixes. This can leave your organization vulnerable to security threats and other issues. By migrating to SharePoint Online, you’ll have access to the latest security features, updates, and patches, ensuring that your data is safe and secure.

I’ll break down the benefits of migrating from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online, so you can make an informed decision for your business. So, let’s dive in and explore why it’s time to consider this essential upgrade.

  • Ultimate Security

First things first, Security is the ultimate factor businesses argue about the most when trusting cloud technologies and why shouldn’t you be? Especially when you’re talking about moving sensitive, confidential, and business-critical data. The truth is Microsoft Cloud solutions don’t reveal where its data centers are located plus it adds additional multiple layers of physical security and you can rest assured your data wouldn’t be mined for marketing/advertising purposes. They also maintain multiple levels of backup and this is the ultimate data security that you can have.

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  • Free from Maintenance Menace

Maintenance of data centers & on-premise storage is unquestionably vital but how much of your operational cost is it eating up? Ever gave a thought? By researching & validating hundreds of challenges in cloud migration, the decision-makers often overlook or neglect the forever benefits of migrating to the cloud, Cloud migration experts like us are by any way going to crack those challenges down for you. SharePoint Online helps you bring down the gluttoning operation cost & save you hours together in just 15 minutes of upgrades & backups.

  • Stay Updated, Stay Ahead

With Microsoft SharePoint Online, Companies enjoy the privilege of owning the best & the latest SharePoint features of the platform instantly on their release. The benefit of SharePoint online is it always stands the first to get all the new capabilities & security patches before the On-Premise tool versions. Upgrading/updating on-premise versions needs time, resources, and sometimes pausing operations but on the cloud, it doesn’t work that way, Microsoft manages those minor and major upgrades for you without the need for your minimal efforts.

  • Management of External User Access

Let’s agree, it’s difficult to manage user access outside your domain on-prem. There has also been a great deal of confusion over the lengthy log-in process on the cloud but Microsoft recently has brought in a lot of improvements in SharePoint Online which has made it managing external user access a lot easier. by SharePoint cloud migration businesses can make use of the Services Management Portal which are highly leveraging external file/information sharing and with this, it has become easier for enterprises to collaborate with their clients wherein the clients can raise tickets and regularly monitor the project progress.

  • The ‘Hybrid’ Benefits

While you’re dearly attached to your On-Prem deployment you can still be able to derive advantages of SharePoint Online because it’s not an ‘either’ and ‘or’ situation with on-prem and the cloud; the hybrid deployment is here to save the day. If you’re still afraid of security breaches and moving to cloud technologies then you can largely benefit from the hybrid model. You can keep the most confidential data on-premise and migrate the rest of the data to SharePoint Online like your everyday collaborations, this will save you from investing in the “rip and replace” method.

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  • OneDrive for Business Benefits

With Microsoft 365 1 TB of personal storage quota along with your overall SharePoint Online storage, you can save and share millions of files/folders with the highest level of security both internally and externally. The cloud-based document storage platform – OneDrive for Business lets you move beyond the traditional way of risky network shares and especially if you’re an IT Director, you will understand this is the best solution for data sharing.

  • Go Highly Mobile

With modern work culture, we’re no longer tamed to a single place. We enjoy working in mobility and take control of productivity virtually. Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online let you access all the documents, files, and folders on the web and on your mobile (Apps!) in case you have forgotten to take your work PC with you. Yes, attend to those important emails, presentations, and analytics anytime, anywhere on any device. Shout out to productivity!

Well, there are all the more reasons to migrate to SharePoint Online while the above are just a few. SharePoint Online migration has never been difficult or this easy if I may add. Another major benefit of migrating to SharePoint Online is that there’s no further migration. No more challenges just rapid, smooth productivity.

The Incredible Features you will get after Migrating from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online

  • Touch-enabled interface for mobile devices
  • Seamless document collaboration
  • Automatic updates to the environment
  • Quick and easy navigation
  • Exceptional document management, storing, and sharing capabilities
  • Automation of business processes with Flow (Power Automate) and Microsoft Power Apps
  • 360° presentation through SharePoint Spaces VR, AR, and MR
  • Document access management

What’s New in SharePoint Online?

Microsoft rolls out great functionalities and features to its products very often. SharePoint Online has a gaggle of new features and improvements:

  • Reimagined User Interface – Complicated UI transformed into a modern, simpler UI
  • Drag-and-drop – Content uploads are now easier than ever. Drag documents from your computer and drop them into SharePoint
  • SkyDive Pro – Cloud storage service, now a core part of SharePoint Online
  • Increased cloud storage limits – SkyDive Pro storage limit increased from 500MB to 7 GB
  • Yammer – The social networking service is now prevalent with SharePoint Online

As expert SharePoint consultants with Microsoft Gold collaboration and content competency, the team at Star Knowledge smoothly manages your SharePoint Online Migration process and challenges with the least effort. Contact our migration experts and discuss the path best suitable for your business.

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