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Migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint online

Migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint online

11 JUL 2019

The Client

The client is a leading Microsoft Partner and provides Microsoft consulting and development services to some of the clients in government sectors in North America.

The Need

The client was maintaining an on-premise SharePoint 2010 environment and was in the process of working to upgrade and migrate to the SharePoint Online platform. To ensure the transition from SharePoint 2010 to online is performed under best practices, the Client desired the creation of an implementation strategy and roadmap to manage the deployment and continued use of SharePoint Online. The objective of this initiative was to develop and articulate a vision and roadmap for the effective implementation of SharePoint Online services to support the current and future needs of Client Post-migration of users, resources, and shared mailboxes – multiple systems like HRMS, Salesforce, Internal Ticketing system and RFC servers must be integrated to use Office 365 instead of legacy Domino environment.

The Solution

The Star Knowledge team closely worked with the client to develop the tailored implementation strategy, steps, and related roadmap as well as provide coaching, mentorship, and support to the client. The SharePoint and Office 365 consultants at Star Knowledge provided 24/7/365 support and ADHOC consulting sessions where the team and the Client discussed the questions or concerns regarding migration from SharePoint 2010 as well as provide best migration practices and advice around approach or architectural items for Office 365 and SharePoint Online implementation. The Star Knowledge team also provided expert guidance with the project framework, act as a coach, and provide as-needed consulting/technical advisory services to implement SharePoint Online. We helped the client to build a custom and scalable SharePoint Online solution that fits the current and future needs and expectations of their envisioned modern workplace. The project was divided into the following phases for the entire environment to be migrated from Sharepoint 2010 to Sharepoint online.

  • Discovery & Assessment Phase
  • Pilot Migration
  • Migration
  • Testing
  • Training

Tools and Technology used


  • Achieved the benefits of lower operational and maintenance costs by moving to Sharepoint online from SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint online offers simple, flexible, remote email access, improved collaboration via centrally stored data
  • For those businesses using Microsoft Server, the integration of the Active Directory with MS Exchange mail and SharePoint allows for a single source for user account management
  • The applications/services provided by SharePoint online are updated and maintained in the cloud, so a user need not update the software on their own.

Want to migrate to SharePoint Online? The Star Knowledge team of experienced Office 365 and SharePoint consultants have a proven track record of delivering complex Office 365 and SharePoint migrations. We’re recognized cloud migration solution providers with the center of excellence around mailbox migration to Office 365 and SharePoint Online migration services. Get in touch with our consultants today or sign up for SharePoint consulting services.

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