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Team Extension Services

Boost your team capabilities with our offshore development team extension services

Team Extension Services

Overcoming Software Development Challenges with Team Extension Services

  • Are you struggling to find qualified professionals to extend your development team’s capabilities?
  • Do you find yourself facing challenges in recruiting, onboarding, and managing new team members?
Our dedicated software team extension services provide you with the flexibility to augment your existing team with experienced professionals who are dedicated to your project’s success. Whether you need to quickly scale your team for a new project or require specialized expertise, we can help you find the right talent to meet your needs.
Team Extension Services

How We Help

Team Extension Services
Several businesses choose Team Extension Services to augment their existing teams and have a hassle-free software development experience. Here’s what you can get.
  • Get access to dedicated engineers on-demand with our qualified professionals.
  • You get open access to a pool of talent available ready to start within days or sometimes even hours.
  • We ensure everything is organized and ready to jump in immediately.
  • Our experts are dedicated to their work and know their niche well which results in a high retention rate.

Star Knowledge Team Extension Services


Team extension

Even if you have an ongoing project, we can help you fill the talent/resource gap and increase your team effectiveness by matching the right candidate.

Skilled professionals

Star knowledge professionals ease all your difficulties involved in finding relevant skills to ensure your project is get-going.


Our expertise having profound knowledge and vast industry exposure lifts team responsibilities, fits exactly into the gaps, and does all your tasks.

Wide Range of Technologies Supported

Star Knowledge’s dedicated software teams with expertise across mobile, web & cloud, fluent in technologies for developing software on-demand, and demonstrated success for several customers.

Bridge the Gap Between Project Demand & Resource Supply

Common Resource Concerns

Star Knowledge Approach

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Recent Case Studies

Our client is a leading telecom service provider for South Africa…
Our client is a solutions and services provider company based in Canada…
The client is one of the leading provider of BI solution to North American Market…

Dedicated Resources to Fit the Budget

Our Offshore Dedicated Team Extension Services pricing model for flexible project management
web and mobile app development company

Pay at hours spent

IT staff augmentation for ongoing work and undefined projects
enterprise software development company


Highly talented offshore development teams at competitive rates
enterprise application development

Fixed model for fixed needs

Team augmentation for well-planned large projects. Size up and down

Ready to Get Started?


    CEO and President

    “Star Knowledge has helped scale our team during the Covid when we had challenges recruiting and retaining talent. Their quick responsiveness combined with attitude to make things work helped us go a long way with Microsoft 365 Support Services”

    CEO and President, Leaders in South African MSP space


    “Star Knowledge has been great to work with. All of my requirements were met on time and scaled up quickly.” 

    Director, Leading Film Production Studio

    Chief Finance Officer

    “Star Knowledge has been a great partner in helping our firm identify IT risks and implementing stop gaps to protect our company.  They are helping us monitor email and implement processes that will allow us to qualify for an ISO 27001 compliance.  This is a big initiative for us.  Thank you Star Knowledge!”

    Chief Finance Officer, Leading Strategy Consulting Group in the USA

    Our Engagement Models

    fixed project azure

    Fixed Project

    • End to End Project Lifecycle Consultation
    • Custom Development Program
    • Time Bound Delivery
    • Speed to Market
    • Immediate support
    azure dedicated team

    Dedicated Team

    • Get a team of Niche Developers
    • Hourly, Daily or Monthly Rate Models
    • Part-time or Full-time Engagement Models
    • Scale-up & Down Easily 
    azure resource


    • Developers on-demand within SLA
    • Ideal for project that needs short term resources
    • Pay by the hour
    • No minimum hour commitment

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Outsourcing a dedicated team of professionals who work remotely to augment a company’s existing team. This team can be made up of developers, designers, project managers, or other specialists who are hired by a company to work on specific projects. 

    Companies may need this for various reasons, such as lacking in-house talent for a particular project, requiring additional resources to meet project deadlines, or wanting to save on costs associated with hiring a full-time employee. 

    Outsourcing a dedicated team of professionals to a company. This team works remotely and is managed by the company, but the outsourcing provider handles the hiring, payroll, and administrative tasks associated with the team. 

    The types of professionals that can be part of a team extension include developers, designers, project managers, quality assurance specialists, data scientists, and many more. 

    The outsourcing provider is responsible for ensuring the quality of work of the team extension. They may implement quality control measures, such as regular performance evaluations, monitoring work progress, or conducting regular meetings with the company to ensure the work meets their standards. 

    Include access to a larger pool of talent, cost savings compared to hiring full-time employees, flexibility to scale the team up or down based on project needs, and reduced administrative tasks associated with hiring full-time employees.