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Marketplace and Supply Management App for an Agri business

16 Dec 2020

mad - CS2

The Client

Product Oriented company which is live trading of food stocks.

The Need

The client was from a food supply chain management industry domain where he wanted to trade live on the food stock with a mobile app.

The solution required the bidding process in place and allow the user to have a contract once a bid was won. The client was also looking to build a CRM with live trading of stocks including inventory and logistics management that would be supplied as a product for Agri companies looking to optimize their productivity, have a platform through which they get better prices and wider outreach.

The Challenge

The Client had a basic workflow in place and required sophisticated algorithms and interfaces in places to integrate with their marketplace. Star Knowledge was required to redesign their entire interface and develop workflows associated with CRM and inventory management based on the below user types:

  • Admin
  • Company
  • Farmer/ Farm Stock Holder

As an admin, we would manage the entire portal and make sure people are given  restricted access. As a company, we were allowed to add sub-user who could play relevant roles based on the company policy. As a farmer, we could list available stocks and see bids coming through.

The solution required an RBAC system implemented to manage system access and integrate with custom inventory and logistics management system APIs. The logistics management would be a 3rd party system integration that would help manage the supplies and deliveries especially for perishables with high efficiency through different supply modes. All the screen user interfaces were to be developed from scratch in a period of 3 months as the system was to be rolled out before the harvest season.

The Solution

Star Knowledge proposed to design the UI entirely with the branding guidelines as required for the system. We proposed .Net MVVM architecture with angular.js as the frontend. The APIs were developed using java as the backend and MongoDB as the DB.

The solution involved exposing secured Web API through which the endpoints communicate to the backed portal. In addition, the solution required developing additional APIs and integrate them with the user interface to complete the entire system flow as was desired by the client.

We used MongoDB as the NoSQL database to leverage the JSON based data store for higher performance.

Finally, we were able to provide a live trading portal complete with inventory management and logistics system integrated through which the user could list their products and allow the companies to bid them, manage the supplies, and list of supplies with better control on delivery especially if it involved perishables.

Benefits obtained

  • Access to the portal.
  • Know the stock status on the fly.
  • Manage logistics and delivery timelines
  • Improve productivity and supply chain output
  • Compatible with all platforms.
  • One of the clients who was a large coffee producer and deployed the system saw 60% productivity improvement in just the first season.
  • The solution was deployed on the Azure cloud to ensure faster connectivity globally and scalability as required by the season leading to cost savings in running the solution.

Technology Stack

  • JAVA Spring Boot
  • Angular JS
  • MongoDB
  • .Net MVC
  • Bootstrap Designs
  • Microsoft Azure

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