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IAM Managed Services

Save over 50% on your managed identity services with a guaranteed SLA and outcomes.


Don’t Let Your Business Get Impacted With Lack of Managed Services!

At Star Knowledge, we offer Managed Identity and Access Management Services to help you streamline your operations and enhance your security posture. Our team of IAM experts will help you with identity governance, access management, authentication, and authorization. We work closely with you to understand your unique business requirements and develop customized identity and access management solutions that meet your needs.

How We Help

Managed Identity and Access Management Services
Star Knowledge’s Identity Managed Services Provider brings all the parts together to get you a seamless and flexible working mechanism that offers
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Our IAM Managed Services

Cloud Support service

24/7 IAM Support Services

  • Expert team available around the clock
  • IAM platform support assistance
  • Log monitoring solutions
  • Root cause analysis services
  • Defect tracking expertise


  • Support for IAM product upgrades and patching
  • Infrastructure upgrade services available
  • Ensuring IAM environment stays up-to-date
  • Full compliance with regulatory requirements

Application Onboarding

  • Streamline IAM operations with a cloud-based platform
  • Includes SSO, MFA, IGA, and Password Management
  • Service providers handle deployment and configuration
  • Ongoing maintenance of Cross Identity environment managed

Identity Governance & SLA’S Services

  • Severity-based SLAs for performance assurance
  • Weekly dashboards and reports for IAM oversight
  • Proactive monitoring with industry-leading tools
  • Rapid resolution of security threats and issues
Managed services in salesforce

Okta Managed Services

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for Application Access
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Enhanced Security
  • User Lifecycle Management (ULM) Capabilities
  • Service Providers Handle Okta Complexity
  • Businesses Can Prioritize Operations and Growth

Ilantus Managed Services

Help businesses streamline their IAM operations by leveraging a cloud-based platform that offers SSO, MFA, IGA, and Password Management. Service providers manage the deployment, configuration, and ongoing maintenance of the Ilantus environment, allowing businesses to focus on their operations
Salesforce Managed Services Technical experts Salesforce

Managed Azure AD Services

  • Delegate Azure AD management to third-party experts
  • Tasks include user onboarding, access requests, and policy enforcement
  • Gain scalability and flexibility while focusing on core operations

Technologies We Support Under Identity Managed Services


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David Martinez, VP of Operations

“Star Knowledge’s IAM solutions have simplified our identity management processes. Their expertise in Okta has given us the tools to ensure that only the right people have access to our critical systems. Their services have been invaluable to our organization.”

Emily Johnson, CTO

“Impressive! Star Knowledge’s Identity solutions have simplified our authentication processes. Their support for Azure AD is top-notch. We’re more efficient, and our data is more secure. Highly recommend!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

IAM (Identity and Access Management) managed services refer to outsourced services that help organizations manage their users’ identities and control their access to various IT resources, applications, and data. 

It offer several benefits, including improved security, enhanced compliance, reduced IT costs, increased efficiency, better user experience, and access to expert support.

It include various services, such as identity and access governance, identity lifecycle management, access management, privileged access management, multifactor authentication, identity analytics, and reporting and compliance. 

IAM managed services are outsourced solutions that are provided and managed by a third-party service provider, whereas in-house IAM solutions are typically developed, implemented, and maintained by an organization’s internal IT team. IAM managed services offer the benefits of expert support, reduced IT costs, and the ability to scale quickly, whereas in-house solutions offer greater control and customization. 

When choosing an IAM managed services provider, you should consider factors such as the provider’s experience and expertise, their service offerings and pricing, their security and compliance capabilities, their support and service level agreements, and their reputation and customer reviews. 

It can vary depending on the organization’s Identity and Access Management requirements and the complexity of the solution. However, many providers offer rapid deployment options that can get organizations up and running quickly.

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