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SAP Application Maintenance and Support Services

Empowering Your Business with our Seamless and Efficient SAP App Support and Maintenance Services

SAP Application Maintenance & Support Services

Optimize Your SAP Applications with Our Comprehensive Maintenance and Support Services

  • Are you struggling with frequent system downtime and service disruptions in your SAP applications?
  • Are you experiencing slow response times and performance issues in your SAP applications?
  • Are you having trouble managing and resolving bugs, errors, and issues in your SAP applications?
At Star Knowledge, we help you overcome the challenges associated with managing and maintaining your SAP applications. Our team of SAP consultants can assist you with a range of services, including application monitoring, performance optimization, bug fixing, system upgrades, security management, compliance management, integration services, user access management, and training and support services.
SAP Application Maintenance & Support Services

How We Help

SAP Application Maintenance & Support Services
Several leading businesses choose our SAP Application Maintenance Support Services to have a hassle-free working setup. Here’s what you can expect:
  • Decrease in incident volumes
  • Predictable cost model
  • Seamless customer experience
  • Improved process efficiency and compliance
  • An effective response to changing business dynamics
  • Integrated and coordinated IT services
  • Flexible engagement model

Our SAP Application Functional Support Services



  • Finance & Controlling (FICO)
  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Materials management (MM)
  • Production Planning (PP)
  • Quality Management (QM)
  • Project Systems (PS)
  • Plant Maintenance (PM)
  • Warehouse Management (WM)

Human Capital Management

  • Organizational Management (OM)
  • Time Management (TM)
  • Personnel Administration (PA)
  • Payroll (India)
  • Performance Management


  • BI/BO

Ticket Management

  • Keep a close eye on ticketing tools and the queue for incoming tickets.
  • Categorize new tickets based on established guidelines and assign them to the relevant support team member.
  • Notify the support team member promptly, based on the urgency of the ticket.
  • Track the progress of each ticket and monitor the deadline for meeting its service level agreement (SLA).
  • Follow up on the SLA deadline and alert the support team or manager to ensure compliance with the SLA.
SAP Application Maintenance & Support Services
SAP Application Maintenance & Support Services

Call Handling

  • The Helpdesk serves as the primary means of contact for customers and is equipped with a designated toll-free number and VOIP phones.
  • Customers are made aware of the toll-free number, allowing them to reach a Helpdesk agent during their designated shift.
  • The Helpdesk provides 24/5 telephone support to ensure prompt assistance to customers.
  • Calls are promptly routed and acted upon receipt to ensure efficient customer service.
  • The Helpdesk strives to answer calls within three rings, demonstrating a commitment to timely and responsive customer support.
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    CEO and President

    “Star Knowledge has helped scale our team during the Covid when we had challenges recruiting and retaining talent. Their quick responsiveness combined with attitude to make things work helped us go a long way with Microsoft 365 Support Services”

    CEO and President, Leaders in South African MSP space


    “Star Knowledge has been great to work with. All of my requirements were met on time and scaled up quickly.” 

    Director, Leading Film Production Studio

    Chief Finance Officer

    “Star Knowledge has been a great partner in helping our firm identify IT risks and implementing stop gaps to protect our company.  They are helping us monitor email and implement processes that will allow us to qualify for an ISO 27001 compliance.  This is a big initiative for us.  Thank you Star Knowledge!”

    Chief Finance Officer, Leading Strategy Consulting Group in the USA

    Our Engagement Models

    fixed project azure

    Fixed Project

    • End to End Project Lifecycle Consultation
    • Custom Development Program
    • Time Bound Delivery
    • Speed to Market
    • Immediate support
    azure dedicated team

    Dedicated Team

    • Get a team of Niche Developers
    • Hourly, Daily or Monthly Rate Models
    • Part-time or Full-time Engagement Models
    • Scale-up & Down Easily 
    azure resource


    • Developers on-demand within SLA
    • Ideal for project that needs short term resources
    • Pay by the hour
    • No minimum hour commitment

    Frequently Asked Questions

    SAP Application Maintenance and Support is a service that provides ongoing support and maintenance for SAP applications. It involves monitoring, managing, and optimizing the performance of SAP applications, as well as addressing any bugs or issues that may arise. 

    It’s important because it helps ensure the smooth and efficient operation of SAP applications. It also helps prevent downtime and service disruptions that can be costly for your business. Additionally, it helps keep your SAP applications up to date with the latest updates and upgrades and ensures that they remain secure and compliant with relevant regulations. 

    Typically include application monitoring, performance optimization, bug fixing, system upgrades, security management, compliance management, integration services, user access management, and training and support services. 

    The cost of SAP Application Support services can vary depending on the specific services you require, the size and complexity of your SAP applications, and the level of support you need. At Star Knowledge, we offer customized solutions tailored to your unique business needs, so the cost will depend on your specific requirements. 

    The implementation time can vary depending on the specific services you require and the complexity of your SAP applications. At Star Knowledge, we work with you to develop a customized implementation plan that minimizes disruption to your business operations and ensures a smooth transition to our support services.