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Software Testing Services

Secure Your Software Quality and Enhance Your Business Success with our Comprehensive Software Quality Assurance Services

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Precision Testing for Reliable Software Performance!

At Star Knowledge, we offer comprehensive Software Testing Services to help organizations ensure that their software is reliable, high-performing, and bug-free. Our team of experienced testers and QA consultants will assist you with a wide range of testing services, including,

How We Help

Software testing services
Star Knowledge is the trusted choice of numerous leading businesses for their Software Testing Services needs. Here’s what you can expect:
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Our Quality Assurance (QA) & Software Testing Services


Automation Testing Services

  • Build test automation environments rapidly.
  • Effectively develop automated test scripts.
  • Better QA in the software application.
  • Regression test your application.
  • Thoroughly assess every test cycle.

Manual Testing Services

  • Multi-platform and compatibility testing
  • Increase your test coverage.
  • Testing software in real-time.
  • Testing from the End User’s Perspective.
  • Ensuring flawlessness in a software application.

Acceptance Testing

  • Identify defects missed during functional testing.
  • Testing from an End-user perspective.
  • Delivered products meet customer expectations.

Functional Testing

  • Deliver bug-free high-quality products.
  • Tested thoroughly to meet the specified functionality required in the system requirements

Integration Testing

  • Software is tested to expose the faults in the interaction between software and software functionalities.
  • We give flawless software to achieve quality assurance (QA) for your software.

Performance Testing

  • Determine the performance of the system by following standard procedures.
  • We ensure your software is generating results within a specified time as per your requirements.

Regression Testing

  • Verify your software as per the standard requirements.
  • Certifying that none of the changes made to your software are affecting its performance.

Stress Testing

  • Verifying the stability and reliability of the software.
  • Ensuring satisfactory performance under any extreme and unfavourable conditions.

System Testing

  • We create a complete integrated software environment to evaluate the complete quality.
  • We test and deliver the web application that complies with the requirements.

Usability Testing

  • Software tested from an end-user perspective.
  • Evaluate how the GUI is user-friendly, how easily can the clients learn, and how rapidly the client can adapt to the software.

Mobile App Testing

We offers end-to-end testing of mobile apps on different platforms and devices to ensure optimal performance, user experience, and functionality

Recent Case Studies

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Star Knowledge earns recognition for its dedication towards addressing…
The client’s current application was used by many of its customers to perform online credit card payments…


Robert Davis, CEO

“We’ve relied on Star Knowledge for testing, and their commitment to quality and precision has made a significant impact on our software’s performance and reputation.”

Michael Thompson, Senior Manager IT

“Star Knowledge consistently delivers top-tier testing support. Their technical expertise and dedication to delivering error-free software have been instrumental in our project success.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Software testing is the process of evaluating a software system to identify bugs, defects, and errors before it is released to the end-user. It is essential for ensuring that your software is reliable, performs well, and meets customer expectations. 

We offer a comprehensive range of software QA testing services, including functional testing, regression testing, performance testing, security testing, automation testing, and more. We work closely with our clients to determine their specific needs and provide customized solutions to meet their requirements. 

We leverage cutting-edge testing methodologies, tools, and frameworks to ensure the highest level of software quality and performance. Our team of experienced testers and QA Consultants follow best practices and standards to identify and address issues early in the development cycle.

Yes, we can provide testing services for both new and existing software systems. We can assist you in identifying and addressing issues with existing software systems and ensure that new software systems meet your requirements and expectations. 

The duration of the software testing process depends on various factors, including the complexity of the software system, the scope of the testing, and the type of testing required. We work closely with our clients to determine the appropriate testing timeline based on their specific needs and requirements. 

The cost of our software quality assurance services depends on various factors, including the scope of testing, the complexity of the software system, and the type of testing required. We offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements and provide transparent pricing models to ensure that our services fit within your budget. 

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