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How to outsource the IT Project Right Way and Ensure Quality

01 DEC 2021

outsources web design and development services

You may be having a great software idea and want to get it in reality as soon as possible. But you don’t know where to start with, or you don’t have enough resources to build the application by yourself.

You may get the best software from the developers, but if it doesn’t satisfy you, We a lot of your resources and time. That is why it is important to hire the right consultancy for your IT project in the right way to get quality products.

Now you may be thinking, What’s the right way to outsource the project?

Let us understand in detail how you can outsource your IT projects in the right way to ensure that you get the best quality product.

  1. Prepare a Draft Plan: The best way to begin is by understanding the software requirements that you want to get built. Drafting your software project helps you to gauge your requirements from your outsourcing partner.
  2. Prepare a detailed plan before Outsourcing: Once a draft is prepared, prepare a detailed project plan on paper because it helps to communicate more accurately about your requirements than having a formal chat. This also helps to evaluate and hire the best software consultant to get a successful quality project. While framing a plan follow these steps to get a clear idea of how your product should look like,
    • Frame a detailed strategy of your product by considering the factors such as.
      1. Who are the end-users of the product, and what are their characteristics?
      2. How the product provides value-added service to your customers?
      3. What are the goals of your business, and whether this product fulfills your business goals?
    • Prepare a clear document of SRS (Software Requirement Specification) This serves as a roadmap that helps you and software consultants to visualize the product and its features. This will also be a win-win situation for everyone as,
      1. You will be having a clear idea of your product.
      2. Developers will get an idea tech stack to be used to fulfill the needs.
      3. The testing team will get to know about the kind of test cases to implement to get desired performance from the software.
      4. More importantly, it helps to estimate the timeline and budget of the project more accurately.
  3. Conduct Research on software development companies to outsource your project This can be done by a simple Google search like “hire it consultant” or “hire software consultant”. Then make a list of a few companies that you think can meet your requirements through a glance. Then conduct thorough research on each company and see their portfolios, previous projects, referrals, customer reviews. It is also a good idea to contact any previous clients of the company and ask about their experience with the company. If they Yes, then you can proceed with no doubts in your mind.
  4. Contact shortlisted Software development Consultants After thorough research, reach out to the shortlisted companies by contacting them through phone or email. In this stage, communicate about your project goals and requirements clearly to ensure that they understand your requirement and answer your queries. Also, ask them about their working methods, the technology currently used, Management experience, pricing, timeline, and finally ask them if they had worked on any similar projects and how did they accomplish it.
  5. Select the best IT consultant The common mistake most of them make while selecting the right consultant is that they consider only the price and time duration of the project. Considering only the cost and time duration does not assure you the quality product. So it is also wise to consider the experience of the developer and previous work on a similar project. After doing all the hard work, take your time to hire the right consultancy for your project. But once you are sure about your selection, put an agreement either to paper or electronic one.

Some of the most important documents you may wish to get signed by consultants are,

  • Service level agreement
  • Software requirement and specification
  • Key Performance indicators
  • Non-Disclosure agreement

Finally, all you need is good communication skills to exchange your ideas during the project to monitor its progress frequently to ensure that it is on the right track to get a quality product.

At Star Knowledge, we help you get a detailed plan of your project and take you along the journey to get a successful project. Feel free to schedule a call with us for your project requirements.

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