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outsources web design and development services

Benefits of Offshore Web Design & Development Services

25 NOV 2021

outsources web design and development services

Outsourcing web development services offshore is a common practice followed by most small, medium, and large-scale companies. They hire a third-party web design agency to get the task done within the stipulated time and minimum cost when compared to hiring an in-house development team which is time-consuming and expensive.

If you are planning to have a digital presence via websites to your business, but still confused about whether you should hire an in-house team or outsource your web application project to offshore developers?

Let us share some of the benefits of Outsourcing web development services to offshore web developers than building an in-house team. Here I am listing key advantages of offshoring web development projects.

  • Cost Savings: You will pay more if you hire a web developer internally because you will have to pay for their salaries, infrastructure, and other costs. In contrast, recruiting and paying employees on a monthly basis will be cheaper if you outsource your job to a Offshore team. By collaborating with professional and experienced developers and employing the most recent frameworks and technologies, you may receive high-quality results within the allotted timeframe by hiring an offshore developer.
  • Save Time: Hiring a dedicated team with enormous skills and knowledge will help you to ace the cut-throat competition by allowing you to focus on core business activities that save most of your time. Or else your precious time is wasted by maintaining the in-house resources.
  • Hire Talented and dedicated developers: The major benefit of outsourcing web app development is that you can get easy access to hire experienced web developers and designers in a short span who can help you get high-quality appealing websites with the best UI/UX features on time.
  • Outsourcing a risk reliever: Outsourcing web development to the offshore company will help you to reduce the risk and responsibility. The company appoints an experienced project manager who takes the responsibility of getting rid of the risks involved in your project through proper planning and following best practices. In this way, you can focus on the core activities of your business and get quality websites that help to achieve your digital goals.
  • Access to robust infrastructure, Latest technology, and trends: If you are thinking to build your in-house team for your web development, then you have to spend more money, and you will be knowing less about the latest technology trends where you will fail to implement them effectively. Hiring an offshore developer will help you to get access to robust infrastructure, and their experienced developers will always be aware of the latest technology and trends, which benefits you to get the best web applications that will help you ace the cut-throat competition.
  • Support Services: Once your web application project is complete, you will always need time-to-time support and maintenance for your web applications.

If you had hired a web application consultant for your project then they will help you to get rid of glitches, bugs or if any changes are needed to be done on the website, they will help you by providing a free support service for a limited period or they will charge a minimum price.

How to manage the risks when hiring and working with the offshore developer

  • Security and Data Privacy risk: Before outsourcing the project, the companies will always be concerned about the privacy of the customer’s data, such as customer names, Contact Numbers, Credit card details, and email addresses. To mitigate this risk companies must check whether the offshore companies have strong security policies and make sure you sign a non-disclosure and security protocol agreement before signing the agreement. Doing this will help to ensure that the data will be safe and secure.
  • Communication risks: is a known fact that there will always be a language barrier when outsourcing the project to different parts of the world, and companies must look to meet the offshore project expectations by providing seamless communication flow between clients and developers. The hire a service provider who has proficiency in English knows to use Emails, messaging apps, and the tools related to the project.
  • Time Zone difference: Because of different time zones, there may be communication delays between the vendor and client which could affect project schedules. To get rid of this risk you can hire developers who can work according to your time zone or you can hire employees from a similar time zone.
  • Government regulation risk: Companies must thoroughly research the legal systems of the two countries and discuss all the legal aspects with the service provider before outsourcing the project. Also, make sure that the service provider complies with government rules and regulation and provide adequate transparency when audits are made.
  • Government regulation risk: Companies must make a thorough research the legal systems of the two countries and discuss all the legal aspects with the service provider before outsourcing the project. Also, make sure that the service provider complies with government rules and regulation and provide adequate transparency when audits are made.
  • Risk related to service delivery: Offshore web development companies always strive to deliver the best product to their clients, but sometimes they will fail to deliver the expected service due to some constraints or lack of experience.

Hence you are advised to hire a developer who has worked on similar projects to solve its complexities.


Outsourcing web app development services from India will prove to be one of the best decisions made by you as it offers the best quality services at an affordable cost and saves time.

This also helps you to concentrate on the core activities of the business and align the workflow of your business by giving the best support service at an affordable cost.

To make your business successful, you need to have a strong digital presence, for that you need to have a quality web application with the best UI/UX features managed by a good project manager. If you want to explore building a team and want to understand what your options are, get in touch with one of our consultants.

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