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Boost your customer confidence with UX

Boost Customer Confidence with UX on the Web

15 SEP 2021

best ways to build customer confidence with UX

Building customer confidence with UX online is a constant challenge that many business owners face. It is important to present customers with the right personalized experience that leaves them with a wow experience that makes them come back to your application over and over. This aspect is something that keeps most designers awake at night. Additionally, with the growing online frauds/scams, creating a secure environment with a seamless experience for web surfers on platforms like mobile, desktop, and tablet is vital.

With the help of the top-rated UX design, you can build customer confidence which increases both sales and user base providing an enjoyable and seamless experience for the user. Some of the common examples are Apple, Netflix, Amazon, and Airbnb.

At first, let us get to know about the difference between UI and UX. UI (user interface) is different from UX (user experience). Let us take a simple example of a car, where UI is the appearance of a Car which includes dashboard, steering, seat, etc., and UX is driving the car, but best UI always complements to give the best UX. Similarly, the visual appearance is essential for a website to provide the best first impression and usability functions. But remember, if you have the best UI and complicated functional buttons, it will not help your business as it drives away your customers.

Here are some simple suggestions you need to consider to build your customer confidence with the best UX design,

Get a Prototype:

The first step is always a beautiful experience whether it’s a baby step or getting your website started you will very much excited about it. But before starting a website you need to have a clear picture of it.

To get a clear image of your web application, you could get a prototype of your website/ app from a good design agency that understands your business objectives, resonates with the target audience’s needs, and help you to identify the best design elements e along with the simplified navigation buttons that help you to save a significant amount of time and money.

The main reasons for developing a prototype before creating a layout are,

  1. The prototype helps you to get a complete idea of how your site will look after completion.
  2. You can get a clear understanding of your website on how the end-user will experience while using your website on mobile, desktop, and tablets.
  3. Prototyping also helps the developers to make careful planning of website design to avoid major changes on the website at later stages, this, in turn, helps to save time and money to the website owner.

Keep it simple: 

Creating a complex website to engage users results in a drop in sales and acquiring new leads will become tough. Hence you need to create a website that is user-friendly with better navigation buttons.

Businesses will have less time to impress visitors and attract them to become potential customers. Hence, you must have a structured plan to get your website designed or hire experienced consultants to help you create a website with simple navigation buttons that provides the best user experience on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Transparency- A key to getting the user confidence:

Providing clear information about your business helps to gain user confidence. With the help of the web, UX design agency entrepreneurs can give clear information to the users. The information that you provide should include a detailed “About Us” page, a space to add testimonials of clients, highlight the certificates earned, and a well-directed navigation button to the contact page.

Uniformity in design:

The most crucial factor that is dealt with while designing the website is the uniformity of the website. There must be uniformity in icons, navigation buttons, colors, and layout design. To achieve this, a UX designer must follow strict guidelines.

Following the strict guidelines instills a feeling in the mind of the user that the business has attention to detail, without following consistency in internal design, the user will find an unfamiliar experience which will lead the user to abort their buying objective.

Visible Search Boxes:

A search box is a combination of query field and submit button, it performs a dedicated function of accepting user query that is to be searched on the website.

Search buttons are placed on the top right side of most web applications for the common reason that the person always reads from left to right that helps to get his/her attention. The best example is Amazon where you can get a smooth experience along with the suggestion of products.

Search boxes should be visible to the website visitor and it is also important to display suggestions related to the query the visitor is searching for so he/she may get interested in the content. Displaying the user-friendly search buttons helps to provide the best user experience that helps to increase sales or keep website visitors engaging.

Provide personalized experience:

Website personalization is a process of providing one on one custom-made experience to web application visitors based on their geographies, activity, and interests. Providing custom experience to users helps the brands to tell their visitors that they care about their preferences/ interests.

This process helps the businesses to boost sales, lower bounce rates, better conversions, and an improved brand reputation.

Example: Amazon, when you visit their mobile app or website you can observe that the products displayed on their home page will be based upon our searches or buying behavior.

Web performance:

Web performance is considered as the heart of UX, if your website takes too long to load or crashes frequently then your business will be in deep trouble. Up to 70% of users will abandon the site if the website takes more than 3s to load.

Factors that affect website performance are,

  1. Hosting Provider:

    Site speed also depends upon the type of plan you choose from the hosting provider that includes a hard drive and resources like bandwidth and RAM. If your website has more than 1000 visitors per day, then you must choose a dedicated server or VPS than a shared server as it affects the website performance.

  2. CDN:

    CDN abbreviated as the content delivery network is the life of many popular websites from Netflix to YouTube.  CDN is designed to reduce the virtual distance between the browser and server by making its presence throughout the world by storing your websites at various across the globe.

    Using CDN benefits the website owners who have visitors across the globe by making a website load faster that helps in SERP rating and provides the best user experience.

  3. Caching:

    The Cache is something like your memory, remember something that happened last year which brings you happiness at the first time you may take time, but for the second time, you will remember it immediately. Similarly, cache temporarily stores the contents in the server that helps to load web pages quickly to provide a better user experience.

Designing a creative 404 page:

Technically a 404 or not found error is a response code displayed when a user connects with the server, but for some reason, a user may not be able to connect to a particular webpage.

Instead of showing “Page cannot be found” in a simple line, you can display a customized 404 webpage that not only informs users but also navigates the user to an authentic page. Thus, providing a user-friendly approach and supports website and brand promotion.


Carefully planned UX design not only helps the users to interact with the website without difficulty. But also help business owners to build customer confidence and collect customer information to encourage them to buy their products or services.

If you have a website or want to get a new website developed, it is better to consult a design agency that specializes in these aspects and helps you achieve your business goals by designing the best UX without hassle.

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