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Employee hr portal

Employee HR portal to increase productivity in workplace

26 Jun 2021

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One of the common challenges faced by organizations is to provide their employees a platform to help them succeed in their career goals, with required resources, internal opportunities, and recommendations that will reach employee profiles online individually because employee collaboration stands as a key for organizational success.

Information streamlining is a key process with centralized control over appraisal, development plans, salary review, performance progress, skills, etc., and access to them at any location with cloud solutions. Handling the tedious tasks during this crisis is much easier with the HR intranet portal allowing to automate it through the Microsoft power platform increased efficiency and productivity in the digital workplace.

Employee HR portal benefits organizations in enormous ways, starting from managing everything from a single location to automating tasks that are secured and served according to the company rules.

According to a survey from marketing research company, Hay Group motivated and engaged employees were 43% more productive than others, which recorded by surveying the top 10 offices in that 6 were most engaged offices generated 40% more revenue comparatively.

In modern workplace culture, it’s often remarked that employees seeking a balance between work and personal life so, keeping an employee happy and productive at the same time helps organizations retain the employees. Because a study from Harvard business review revealed highly engaged companies who are active in promoting engagement recorded 25% lesser employee turnover and absences when compared to others.

Availability of company information in the workplace is necessary for employees while reaching to HR, higher authorities regarding this is a time-consuming process. Hence, solutions to improve productivity in the workplace is through making information available for employees inside companies’ digital workplace environment where they could find, and access required information inside a secured portal if and only if they have the access granted.

How HR portal helps you transform your business process?

  • Makes information available to employees who are most important to them.
  • Employee self-service system to approve the repeating tasks
  • Able to handle work issues immediately in the HR portal.
  • Leave approval management and automation
  • Centralized training and resource management
  • Updating and notifying changes in company policies and handbooks
  • Workflow automation, onboarding, third party integrations, and PTO management
  • Easy hiring with the ability to track applications and make better hiring decisions
  • Reduces paperwork with increased attention towards employee success

Are you looking to build an effective employee HR intranet portal? Contact us, to learn more on how you could experience digital transformation-driven solutions that will improve productivity and efficiency at your workplace. Remember – the future of work lies in the digital workplace.

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