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Build your Intranet on SharePoint and Achieve the ROI

Building your Intranet on SharePoint to achieve better ROI

16 Jun 2021

sharepoint intranet

With updated Office 365 features and modern SharePoint design and customization supported by SharePoint, enterprises can create out-of-the-box intranet solutions using SharePoint online. With an adaptive and clean design, organizations can now look at utilizing the OOTB capabilities on their M365 licenses to build intranet with SharePoint, integrate with Teams, customize workflows, and much more, all at no additional licensing cost.

Improved functionalities in SharePoint modern intranet boosts communication & collaboration, employee engagement, enhance productivity, security, and more. Hence, choosing the right intranet platform like SharePoint helps organizations to embrace numerous benefits of the intranet.

Intranet with SharePoint plays as a one-stop solution for the entire organization requirements to design a successful digital workplace with 300,000+ organizations using SharePoint, including 85% of fortune 500 companies, and 75% of the intranet today built on SharePoint platform, ready to go SharePoint intranets are gaining popularity as we speak.

With the ready-to-go intranet on SharePoint, enterprises are experiencing fewer challenges, lesser time to implement, decreased costs, quick ROI (return on investment), and a shift from on-premises to cloud-based solutions made many companies rolling them out.

SharePoint is an integral part of the Microsoft 365 suite that enhances Power Platform features for automating business workflows, reporting using Power BI, AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities, etc., within the intranet and making you achieve a great digital experience. And here are the reasons to use SharePoint for the intranet:

  • Able to integrate with office 365 suite.
  • Ability to personalize digital workplace
  • Easy to manage documents
  • Scalable and flexible intranet solutions
  • Cost-effective, faster implementation, and less complicated
  • Custom workflow and integrations

While, we know, a lot of enterprises are still running on SharePoint on-premises, there are plenty of benefits and reasons for companies to move from SharePoint on-prem to cloud, to embrace out-of-the-box features with the ability to customize them as required. With SharePoint becoming the undisputed leader in the intranet space marked with continuous innovation, SharePoint Online is the most preferred solution for corporate intranet companies globally.

There are numerous examples of good SharePoint intranet homepage designs that inspire organizations, where the design is based on the objectives and scope of the intranet. The importance of the intranet homepage is high because that is the entry point for employees and collaborators to leave an everlasting experience.

Microsoft has designed several OOTB templates that can be used across a variety of scenarios and is available on a lookbook that can inspire organizations to do a lot more creative design than before. While lookbook certainly does not suffice everyone’s needs and that is where there are customized and feature-loaded solutions such as Valo Intranet that are built on top of SharePoint with the focus on providing immense employee engagement and enhanced collaboration and experience.

Star knowledge with 10+ years of milestone in building enterprise solutions, is also a partner with Valo Intranet providing ready-to-go intranet solutions and custom SharePoint intranet solutions for the companies and helps them achieve the ROI. Contact us for the digital transformation.

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