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AR in SharePoint Spaces

SharePoint Spaces a Mixed Reality Immersive platform

21 JAN 2021

Microsoft SharePoint spaces

SharePoint spaces is a trending technology among the list of technologies of the future, because of its VR capabilities where everyone would experience and get fully immersed in a new reality.

With significant growth in virtual reality usage from Healthcare, Education, Construction business, and other businesses, it is a wonderful and strategic move from Microsoft to enable organizations to gather data from their existing data systems and use SharePoint as a Virtual Reality platform as their digital transformation. SharePoint Spaces plans to leverage cloud technology from Office 365, Azure, and others for you to improve your data storing, sharing, creating insights, etc., by manipulating data into mixed reality with SharePoint custom spaces solution.

how spaces look in SharePoint

SharePoint spaces allow you to create a virtual world with the things you want your people to view in 360° presentation, creating Mixed reality which is the combination of a real environment, Augmented reality, Augmented virtuality, virtual environment enabling you to design 360° view of your reality into a virtual environment with easily creatable and usable (already present) objects.

Let us look at some of the industrial use cases of SharePoint Spaces:


healthcare businesses are leveraging SharePoint to not only store, share, and access data virtually, but also in building immersive reports. Hospitals are using SharePoint spaces to design their infrastructure blueprints to ease the flow of patients by categorizing them based on emergency and non-emergency cases while they enter hospitals, in turn making their employees more responsive and timelier to deal with an emergency.

In other picture – healthcare providing deep insights based on a patient’s previous data of his/her health reports available in Microsoft SharePoint, which will help practitioners to provide precise medication for patients.


Education is the field rapidly adopting the technology and solutions for improving the way they present information to the students, and one among that technology is virtual reality. Microsoft technology with its modern solutions helping the education industry in different formats.

  • storage of data – to access notes, books and classroom videos, etc.,
  • communication and collaboration – with Microsoft teams easy to schedule classroom sessions.
  • PowerPoint – for classroom presentations
  • Easy remote access- PowerApps for accessing sessions anywhere from any device
  • Student report – MS Excel and Power BI for generating reports and for analytic view

And now SharePoint spaces for in-depth understanding with SharePoint mixed reality and immerse visualization of the information.


Construction firms are the least to get updated with the technology, but SharePoint VR, MR (Mixed Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) are being widely implemented because of the immersive visibility it provides – which are helpful in demonstrating building structures to their clients. Builders are now more focused on virtual reality platforms for

  • creating 360° view of their plan and work
  • presenting interior designs to prospects
  • highlighting their previous works
  • periodical growth of their work etc.,

SharePoint VR is not only being adopted by healthcare, construction, education it has also been implemented form industries like fashion, gaming, entertainment, tourism, automotive, etc.,

Watch this video for a glimpse of how data, documents, and files, etc., can be merged to create an immersive experience with 3D objects.

Microsoft SharePoint Spaces is finding its presence in all industries and no doubt in occupying a maximum of the users. Would you like to build SharePoint solutions for your firm? Contact us for SharePoint consulting services.
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