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Salesforce Managed Services

Helping businesses drive value on their Salesforce implementations and operations.


Don’t Let Your Business Get Impacted With Lack of Managed Service!

Salesforce Migration Services
At Star Knowledge, we provide Salesforce Managed Services to help businesses of all sizes stay on top of their game. Our team of certified Salesforce professionals helps with implementation, customization, integration, and ongoing support, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. By taking our services, you can save up to 50% in costs and time compared to other partners while increasing response times and resolutions across various levels of support.

How We Help

Salesforce Managed Services
Several leading businesses choose our Salesforce Managed Services to have a hassle-free working setup. Here’s what you can get:
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Cost Savings

Salesforce Managed Services Offerings

Salesforce Managed Services strateg-planning

Strategic Planning

  • From Executive goal setting workshops to business process reviews building out a salesforce org is serious business.
  • We will help you from road mapping to long term value realization
Salesforce Managed Services ongoing enhancement salesforce

Ongoing Enhancement

We help manage your backlog refinement, streamline business processes, and oversee continuous delivery providing transparency to leadership and beyond.

Managed Services

  • We provide a completely scalable and flexible approach for ongoing support and innovation.
  • Also virtual administration for incident management, maintenance, support.
  • Optimization along with release management providing you the flexibility to scale up and down rapidly.
Salesforce Managed Services Technical experts Salesforce

Technical Experts

Our team of salesforce (and other technology!) experts provide technical support to help you resolve user issues, system configurations, performance issues, etc, and make your admin thrive.

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Emily Parker., Marketing Manager

“Star Knowledge has truly transformed our Salesforce experience. Their tailored solutions and quick response times have made our marketing efforts more effective. Our campaigns are now data-driven, leading to better engagement and conversion rates.”

Emily Johnson., Sales Manager

“As a Sales Manager, I rely on Salesforce daily. Star Knowledge has optimized our CRM system, making our sales processes seamless. Their support team is responsive and solution-oriented.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce managed services refer to ongoing support and maintenance provided by experts to optimize your Salesforce implementation. It includes tasks such as system enhancements, troubleshooting, user training, and ensuring that your Salesforce instance aligns with your evolving business needs. 

Managed services in Salesforce are crucial to ensure the continued success of your Salesforce platform. They offer several benefits, including: 

      • Optimization: Experts can fine-tune your Salesforce instance for maximum efficiency.
      • Proactive Maintenance: Issues are identified and resolved before they disrupt operations.
      • User Training: Continuous training keeps your team proficient in using Salesforce.
      • Customization: Adapt Salesforce to your changing business requirements.
      • Cost-Efficiency: It can be more cost-effective than hiring and training an in-house team.

Managed services in Salesforce encompass a range of activities and support, such as: 

      • Troubleshooting: Identifying and resolving issues in your Salesforce environment.
      • Enhancements: Making improvements and customizations to meet your unique needs.
      • User Training: Ensuring your team is well-equipped to utilize Salesforce effectively.
      • Data Management: Maintaining data accuracy and integrity within the platform.
      • Integration: Connecting Salesforce with other systems for seamless data flow. 

The cost of Salesforce managed services can vary widely depending on factors like the scope of services, the complexity of your Salesforce instance, and the service provider you choose. It is typically priced as a monthly or annual subscription fee. To get an accurate cost estimate, it’s advisable to contact Salesforce managed service providers directly and discuss your specific requirements. Contact us we will provide you with a customized quote based on your needs. 

No, Salesforce Managed Services can benefit organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, these services can be tailored to fit your specific requirements and budget. 

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