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Migrating PST to Office 365 For Email Migration

14 APR 2020

The Client

The client is a custom software development company providing end-to-end Commodity Management Solutions around Origin Business, Procurement, Warehousing, Trading, Processing, and comprehensive Risk Management. Its flagship software is leveraged by hundreds of customers across South America, Africa, and Asia. The client adds value to the customers with its 14 years of domain knowledge covering global commodity origin.

The Need

The client wanted to migrate PST to Office 365 and leverage the power of the cloud. They wanted to ensure that all Microsoft Outlook data and latest changes are gathered and are safely migrated to Office 365. The migration of on-premises (PST) mailboxes to the cloud had to be carefully carried out with little to no data loss.

The client approached Star Knowledge to support a secure Office 365 migration with detailed planning and well-defined timeframes. With over 10 years of experience in Office 365 consulting services and deep expertise in exchange to Office 365 migrations, our time-tested consultants formulated the below migration requirements:

  • Setup the Office 365 environment
  • Create a domain
  • Update DNS records
  • Migrate all shared PST files to O365 and create a new mailbox by assigning new licenses
  • Decommission the on-premises setup and route all mails connection to Office 365

The Challenge

The large PST files stored on-premises made the migration a challenge and moving them directly to Office 365 could cause Outlook to crash. So, our Office 365 consultants had to break the large PST files into smaller ones.

The Solution

The detailed migration plan was executed, and our team of migration specialists migrated PST to Office 365 securely, on time and extremely quick, here’s how:
  • Exporting and collecting PST files into single database
  • Required high speed Network bandwidth to upload .pst files to cloud
  • Converting Mac files to supported PST format
  • Migrating mailboxes to Office 365
  • Breaking the on-premises domain connection and routing all mails connection to O365

Benefits obtained

  • All migrated users can use their mailbox anywhere
  • A single location for users to collaborate and access files
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Higher security on Office 365

Migrations can be complicated but they’re not something to be worried about and especially with us. If you’ve a similar migration challenge or much complicated than the one above, sign up for our unparalleled Office 365 migration services and discuss your project with our consultants.

Moving to Office 365 is always a right decision

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