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SharePoint Features and Benefits

SharePoint: Features & Benefits for Digital Workplaces

29 July 2022

SharePoint Features and Benefits to Build Effective Digital Workplace

What is SharePoint?

It is an online application which helps in managing information and storing documents. Two different kinds of SharePoint exist: on-premises and the online service. SharePoint on-premises is run on a server and is not integrated with other online applications. On-premises SharePoint can be a standalone application or an add-in to Microsoft Office.

Why SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most widely used business applications in the world. It has been used to build websites, intranets, and extranets for over 20 years. It is the foundation of the modern digital workplace. SharePoint offers a comprehensive platform for building, managing, and sharing information.

It is a content management platform that has been used by organizations of all sizes for years to store and share information. With SharePoint, there are a number of new features that make it easier to build digital workforces and modern work environments.

Here we have brought you some interesting Microsoft SharePoint features that will reach the demands and requirements of the modern workplace solution. SharePoint is now with hybrid work features that will enable your employees to connect and work both at the office and remote locations with on-premises features available in the cloud.

  • External sharing:

SharePoint online external sharing allows you to create a document library and share documents, files, etc., using Outlook integrated SharePoint, with external users present in the directory by controlling them at organization and site collection levels, also with authenticated external users, anonymous users, limited access, and no external sharing modes.

  • Modernized SharePoint:

New SharePoint features have got modernized functions like search, Home, OneDrive to make collaboration tools more responsive in finding desired data more quickly and precisely from all the communication sites and shared libraries.

  • 3rd party integration:

SharePoint with Microsoft flow provides no code intuitive solution helps to integrate 3rd party solutions like Salesforce, Power Automate, Twitter, etc., makes you link workflows for business.

  • Mobile friendly feature:

With Mobile responsive content SharePoint provides a great user experience with the ability to access all dashboards, content, news, images, rich text, lists, business data, etc., from all shared locations and data sources at any location on any device.

  • Security feature:

SharePoint Security Features provides version upgradations in SharePoint Online for establishing secured and improvise collaboration site security each time with DocuSign features available for site members.

  • Improved lists and libraries:

SharePoint online solution has updated the user interface to make libraries more interactive to add documents, display information, import a file, duplicate files, etc., by benefiting users from revisiting time.

  • Office online integration:

Integrating SharePoint online with office 365 helps organizations with centralized administration, document management, collaboration, integrating with apps, accessible anywhere, and more secured platform.

Some of the new SharePoint online features to support remote work in order to increase connectivity, document management, ease of usage and building communication are:

  • No-code to implement Microsoft SharePoint on teams tab:

No code implementation of Microsoft SharePoint in the teams platform enables Microsoft teams users with a wide user experience and more features likable to embed intranet landing pages and other business pages into teams with no code.

By leveraging the SharePoint features and connecting SharePoint with teams organizations will get the opportunity to bridge the communication gap, enhance document management, and strengthen internal workflow during remote work.

SharePoint with teams integration combines the documents, data, and organization process to help build solutions for organizations with no code capabilities:

Integrating SharePoint with teams helps in

  • Adding learning pathway to their employees
  • Can add SharePoint as an application in the team for easy accessibility.
  • Can embed the useful website landing pages (intranet pages) to teams and able to view the content in teams’ applications.
  • Able to add training content on the SharePoint and Create playlists to differentiate training scenarios – like HR training, etc.
  • Availability of updated content each time.

Building multilingual commercial sites in SharePoint:

Microsoft’s Multi-lingual support for SharePoint will empower the organizations or enterprises to reach a larger audience with their native languages. Building multi-lingual sites in share point will help organizations in different ways either it may be reaching out to people or helping its employees to work in their native language.

SharePoint multilingual for employers will enable its users to communicate with every prospect in their native language which will lead to an effective way of sharing one experience or thoughts on process to ensure a better work environment.

Microsoft multi-lingual websites are now a single website containing multiple similar pages with different languages to enable the outreach of the website to the audience.

In the new Microsoft SharePoint multi-lingual update – users can create multiple pages for different languages under single publishing site connections and serves the content along with user native UI to customers in their local language without necessarily changing the URL.

Here is the presentation on how to build multilingual sites in the new feature of SharePoint online.

Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint for businesses

  1. Improved Data Management

The ability to store and share information across multiple departments has become the standard in modern organizations. SharePoint provides a platform for managing and sharing information across an organization, enabling employees to access their documents and files from anywhere and on any device.

SharePoint also provides a platform for managing and sharing information across an organization, enabling employees to access their documents and files from anywhere and on any device. This improved data management has led to higher productivity and reduced time spent on paperwork, which has a positive impact on an organization’s bottom line.

  1. Content Management

SharePoint is one of the most popular and powerful content management systems on the market. It’s used by millions of people in organizations large and small to manage and share their most important content. SharePoint has been a key part of the digital transformation of organizations across a wide range of industries. It has also become an integral part of the modern business landscape.

  1. Enhanced Security

The enhanced security provided by Microsoft SharePoint can help protect your business and your organization against many risks, such as identity theft, data security breaches, and malware. Furthermore, you can combine Microsoft SharePoint with other security measures to further improve your overall security posture.

  1. Integration with your existing apps

SharePoint is a platform for managing and sharing information across your business. It lets you build custom apps that integrate with your current apps and services, so you can get the most out of your data and systems without rewriting anything. This gives you greater control, flexibility, and efficiency in how you work and communicate, so you can be more productive, save time and money, and improve your business.

  1. Simplified business process

SharePoint simplifies the business process to reduce overhead costs and costs associated with the management of many business processes. It can help businesses to optimize the activities that they do and can help them make better use of their resources. SharePoint is a collaborative, web-based application that enables business users to share information, make a business decision, and achieve business goals.

Microsoft SharePoint Use Cases with examples:

  1. Document Library

Document Library

  1. File Shares
File Shares
  1. Enterprise Social Networking Sites-Yammer
Enterprise social networking site
  1. People Directory
  1. Personal Sites – My Site!
  1. Event Management
  1. Surveys
  1. Blog Sites Wiki sites
blog sites wiki
  1. Discussion Forums


SharePoint is a platform that provides economic and social value to modern organizations. It is a comprehensive infrastructure for information sharing, collaboration, and communication, integrated with online services like email, instant messaging, online conferencing, online presentations, and blogs. As a result, SharePoint is becoming the backbone of the modern digital workplace and of modern business processes.

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