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benefits of intranet

How does Intranet benefit Digital Transformation Journey?

06 JuLY 2021

sharepoint intranet

Digital transformation is a key for helping your people achieve more by combining their talent, intellect, ideas with digital tools during this crisis because hybrid and remote work are here to stay. Hence, keeping your people at the center of the digital workplace builds trust and engagement, and here comes the intranet as a beneficial digital transformation factor for organizations.

Digital transformation in an organization means defining newer systems that are technology and data-driven to boost productivity significantly, enable teams to work from anywhere they want, and understand the true essence of building on top of the commonly used devices including mobile devices.

Organizations are adopting digital transformation to ensure employee empowerment, technology adoption, and risk management so that they may continue working with their people digitally without jeopardizing security, communication, or collaboration. There are numerous tools that are included in it. Intranets and employee engagement tools, on the other hand, are always at the core of digital transformation because of their benefits in terms of increased productivity and ROI.

Benefits of Intranet:

1. Keeping people connected from anywhere and on any device Intranets used to be about sharing documents and files with colleagues and no one else. But today’s modern intranets are about so much more. They’re about keeping people connected from anywhere and on any device. They create a single, uniform corporate identity and update outdated policies.

2. Supporting engagements and increasing productivity Intranets used to be about supporting the workflow of a single department or team. Today’s modern intranets are about supporting the workflow of the entire organization. It increases productivity and reduces distractions. They’re about providing employees with the tools they need to be more productive and engaged.

3. Keeping employees updated Intranets used to be about providing information to employees at a particular time. They’re about providing the latest company news, press releases, and announcements.

4. Managing workflows Intranets used to be inaccessible to small businesses. But today’s modern intranets are all about making them accessible to anyone. They’re all about managing workflows – without a large IT team. They’re about keeping employees up to date and providing support when they need it most.

5. Business process automation Intranets used to be about automating a single process or workflow. Today’s modern intranets are about automating multiple processes and workflows. They’re about reducing the time and cost of business process re-engineering. It allows employees to self-serve, reducing the need for human interaction.

6. Save additional costs and time Intranets used to be about replacing a large percentage of internal communication with software. They replace large amounts of paper documentation with software. It saves additional costs and time. They’re about providing employees with the tools they need to be more productive and efficient.

Digitalization is a top priority for companies attempting to reduce collaboration efforts, security risks, and so on. Using the intranet as part of digital transformation has changed the way employees work, streamlined processes, strategy planning, and so on, all of which are assisting them in delivering change and transformation.

A study from Gartner stating 40% of organizations has reached scale for their digital initiatives, with 90% of the organizations are engaged in some form of digital initiatives, and suggested the organizations optimize technology acquisition outcomes and reconsider performance indicators to boost digital transformation.

waterfal model

Say goodbye to your old, inconvenient collaboration intranet and welcome in a sleeky, intuitive, pleasing, user-friendly intranet that provides a one-stop solution for all digital needs of organizations, improved employee engagement, increased productivity, better communication & collaboration, time & knowledge management, and streamlined business activities.

There are many business cases explained on why to adopt intranet with its advantages everywhere, where the main agendas were to elaborate more on cost savings and ROI involved in intranet or corporate portal development.

Advantages of having an Intranet:

  • Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Human resource
  • Cost savings
  • ROI

How intranet is beneficial? A study from the Meta group revealed 80% of companies recorded positive ROI with an average annual return of 38% and from IDC it is found that the average investment of 1 million US dollars from 6 leading companies returned 5 million US dollars which is a simple example of 400% ROI.

They have implemented intranet solutions and streamlined their business process aligned with automation for leveraging employee productive hours and reducing negligible costs what bought them the ROI.

Intranet is only useful if it addresses user issues & resolves problems and as we are aware of one size doesn’t fit all, custom tailor-made intranet solution gives a better collaborative environment with ever imagined ROI. Contact us for custom or ready-to-go intranet solutions.

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