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digital transformation trends

Digital Transformation trends to redefine your workplace

13 July 2021

digital transformation trends

Rapid cloud transformation and technology adoption trends made the worst-hit industries regain the pace of customer acquisition, productivity, and enhance business growth with no choice left other than embracing digitalization or remote work culture.

As technological trends continue to play a vital role in digital transformation, companies should also focus on managing traditional IT and future success strategies, because digitalization is no more an exception to the companies but a matter of survival.

Now, enterprises need to know the digital transformation trends and effectively handle factors that impact operational efficiency because it will pave for new ways of business. Know the benefits you will get by adopting a digital workplace.

digital transformation benefits

Consider the below defined digital transformation trends and adopt the best suitable solutions accordingly to thrive on the trending organizational goals:

  1. Digital adoption platforms: Enthuse your employees to self-learn new technologies, upgrade skills, and explore new tools with the help of a platform that will serve a better digital experience by allowing them to set their own learning pace to indirectly support their work and learn policy which reduces your training and support costs.
  2. Automation: For the companies always wondering to enhance and improve work efficiency, they need to be focusing on automating processes. Because robotic process automation (RPA) enables employees to invest more of their time in creative and high-quality work through automating tedious workflows having absolute human errors.
  3. Blockchain and cybersecurity: When moving to cloud solutions, normally, cybersecurity is a concern for business leaders because it has been recorded that many industries have faced cyber-attacks since they switched to remote working. Boosting cybersecurity with blockchain technology to record information that cannot be hacked makes leaders go fearless to adopt new trends in digital transformation.
  4. Data insights: Digitalization plays a major role to run a business in a customer-centric direction, despite the digital world enables you to process abundant data available to maximize its benefits in delivering data-driven results we can notice top industries adopting analytics solutions like Power BI, knime, etc., due to the potential in data analytics.
  5. Multi-Cloud Architectures: Expecting multi-cloud systems will flourish and shape the business transformation this year, by eradicating common barriers and by allowing you to use private & public cloud infrastructures that avoid business continuity risks. “Organizations adopt multi-cloud strategies to avoid vendor lock-in or to use the advantages of best-of-breed solutions,” Michael Warrilow Gartner VP analyst said in a Smarter with Gartner post.

Service providers are helping their clients with the new trends in digitalization to deliver products and solutions digitally, due to the surge in physical sales caused by several lockdowns.

Redefine your workplace with new trends in digital transformation because formulating strategies, goals and picking up the right technologies will enhance employees’ workflow and productivity. With decades of experience in delivering the right technology stack to the businesses looking for digital transformation, star knowledge enables you to achieve organizational goals and drive effective results. Contact us to plan your digital transformation journey.


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