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Guide to Digital Adoption for Digital Transformation

16 SEP 2021

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Enabling users’ ability to use digital touchpoints undisturbed is what digital adoption means, digital portals that assist users in self-serving are more in demand and creating a buzz in the current digital transformation era.

Choosing a technology that improves organizational efficiency might be a nightmare because of the different technologies available in the market, but a structured approach and understanding the values of new tools & solutions that relate to enterprise needs will eradicate them.

Before hurrying to embrace digital solutions, build a strategy to make your digitalization a successful adoption. Employee awareness is necessary to spread the value of new tools to make them adaptive, while top management expectations are measured to ensure goal completions.

For successful digital promotion, we need to build an adoption strategy like:

  1. Defining the roles of people who will use the solution
  2. Readiness assessment of people, process, and infrastructure
  3. Defining KPIs
  4. Feedback gathering
  5. Measuring success
  6. Managing changes and updates

A strategy will help you break down the needs, features, and functionalities required to opt for a digital solution or DAP (Digital Adoption Platform) that leads to successful digital transformation.

The DAP you choose to adopt will decide your performance against your competitors. The right platform offers you distinctness into your employee experience by which customization can be brought to fit into the exact needs of your enterprise, and this is how you can avoid ending up losing to new and updated software.

A report from Futurum research says – 700 billion USD spent on an annual digital solution will fail to deliver the expected ROI – every year.

Benefits of digital adoption:

  1. Streamlined workflows
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Business process automation
  4. Better ROI
  5. Improves employee and customer satisfaction
  6. Help organizations stay updated with technology
  7. enhances digital culture adoption

Don’t forget the legacy:

Cultural transformation is the best way of digital transformation even being in the agile and rapidly transforming digital world because a rapid shift to the new environment will affect your employee’s workflow and throws conflicts to the users. Hence, we say digital adoption is limited to user adoption.

Ensure you follow the below tips before you commit adoption mistakes:

  1. Recognize legacy process
  2. Encourage employee usage and feedback
  3. Interact with users
  4. Get customer or client feedback
  5. Don’t neglect customer needs
  6. Ensure data-driven decision making

Digitalization doesn’t only mean moving to the cloud or updating existing processes with technology, digital transformation should empower organizational capabilities as the transformation will not only affect a limited part of it.

Technology transformation is far way different from digital transformation, hence don’t just get adopted to changes digitally without proper guidance and pre-defined strategy. At star knowledge, expert consultants will advise suitable adoption models with relative case studies to ensure you face minimal challenges and make a complete shift to the cloud. Contact us for the solutions that fit into your business models.  

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