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employee training and development

Employee training and development in digital workplace

07 SEP 2021

Employee training and development

Employee training and development are always focused on reshaping skills and knowledge to boost employee performance and efficiency at the workplace, persistent efforts from the organizations towards employee upskill and reskill empower company resources, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Training employees will better them at work by allowing them to set career goals, plan skill development, and manage performance because the right opportunities to learn, enhance, and advance is likely to retain employees.

Employee engagements are as important as customer engagement for organizations to retain the best resources where a study from the work institute reveals that employees’ voluntary turnover costs businesses an average of $630 billion annually.

Types of employee training and development:

  • Technical
  • Soft skills
  • Orientation training
  • Customer service
  • OJT – on–the–job training
  • Instructor-led
  • Coaching or mentoring
  • E-learning
  • Group activities

The modern digital workplace provides a real-time platform for staff members to e-learn skills as well as organizations to plan knowledge transfer from higher-performing employees to employees having knowledge gaps. Employee learning programs help companies to address the weaknesses & boost company credibility with the right resources available at the right time.

High-quality training programs from managers to successors help organizations to be prepared for unpredicted outcomes hence intensive, motivated, and open-minded training programs will initiate responsibilities to employees in the organization.

Organizations that encourage personnel training and development of workers are marked to attain several milestones of productivity and performance when compared with the competitors hence need for training and development programs are a top priority in many enterprises to provide a competitive environment internally and externally for continuous improvement.

When compared with hiring training, existing resource training would always be the best choice due to improved flexibility of the resource available, project awareness, and cost-effectiveness which made more and more companies invest in training their existing staff.

Training employees in the modern workplace or remote working situations may not be a fruitful task for every organization but the right technology stack will definitely benefit organizations in achieving their training goals. Even virtual learning or teaching have their own offering to the companies knowledge base

Employee skill improvement involves 2 phases of training, firstly training means making employees strong in the field (technical or non-technical) they work and secondly, boosting their leadership skills to make them future-ready.

Benefits of employee training and development.

  1. Bridges knowledge gaps with additionally boosting creativity at the workplace
  2. Help employees to measure the weak points and enabling them to overcome them
  3. Provides clear career goals by pushing them to challenge situations
  4. Increases the employee retention rate
  5. Helps organizations to design the possible employee training and development strategy
  6. Help organizations to measure their workforce development areas and needs.
  7. Increases job satisfaction
  8. Transforms low performers into leaders

Contact us to learn about the digital transformation solutions available to handle employee training and development in the modern digital workplace

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