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Microsoft inspire ignite 2021

Microsoft Inspire The key Highlights for Organizations

03 Aug 2021

Microsoft inspire 2021

Microsoft inspire 2021 global technology event presented its partners with a way to enjoy the virtual experience, learning, spread knowledge, and create a good relationship. As the agenda of this event is to bring an insight into what other leading solution providers are doing to spread their wings – we have some highlighted recaps to help you learn from them.

The emergence of Windows 365 – delivering personalized cloud experience to companies and employees with a more powered, simplified, and secured place for hybrid work culture.

“As previously applications moved to the cloud with SaaS, operating systems are now moving to the cloud to provide companies a secured way to empower their employees regardless of their locations” – said Satya Nadella at Microsoft inspire event 2021.

As soon as work from home has become a new norm at companies the leaders started predicting the future of work culture for the enthusiasts on “Is virtual workplace going to stay?”. Hybrid work is the favorite model for most companies because of its well-balanced advantages to both employers and employees.

Hence, Windows 365 is here to help this new model by enhancing adaptability to both windows 10 and 11 with greater versatility, and at the inspire event from Microsoft 2021 it has been announced that Windows 365 will be available for use from the 2nd of Aug 2021.

Digital transformation – As the journey towards digitalization has already been commenced around the globe, Microsoft announced the accessibility of AI for all companies regardless of its size to make use of it for automating solutions, workflows, approvals, etc., to increase the productivity at the workplace.

To make customers embrace a most sustainable cloud mod

el, Microsoft has announced multiple improvements in azure with new integrations and functions of viva to support modern digital workplace solutions, to enhance employee experience, and to bridge the knowledge gaps that hinder both company and employee’s growth.

In addition, with boosting digital transformation journey Microsoft has also announced upgradations in D365 for sales i.e., in the conference it has revealed that dynamics 365 can be integrated with LinkedIn and other sales applications for extracting potential lead details, their involvement, and displaying them at required applications to find prospects easily.

A complimentary to new windows customers are allowed to measure the performance and cost involved in migration to the cloud with the help of Azure migration and modernization program that covers infrastructures, apps, and data. Contact us for more information related to office 365 modern workplace solutions and leverage the platform.

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