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Microsoft viva

Microsoft viva for employee experience

27 July 2021

digital transformation trends

February 2021, the introduction of viva was made – The first employee experience driving platform from Microsoft by collaborating O365, teams, and other Microsoft products to support employee engagement, learning, content management, communication, and collaboration for an integrated employee experience.

To boost digital employee professionalism in Microsoft - viva connections, viva insights, viva learning, and viva topics have been brought under the Teams platform for positive employee experience in the path of communication, collaboration, wellbeing, and learning.

Microsoft VIVA – VIVA making the combination of Microsoft 365 and Azure available on teams enables users to experience an effective learning environment at all the learning curves in workflow starting from training a new resource.

Viva provides a complete learning experience (LXP), LMS integration with already existing teams at your organization makes you go advanced with the viva features involved with them by assisting you with the employee learning and engagement during remote and hybrid work.

Microsoft viva in combination with Valo helps businesses unify employee experience and navigate their work complexities during this digital era by reshaping how their people work, learn and live. With the native integration of  Valo in Microsoft teams, the features lacking in viva can be custom built with Valo since Microsoft viva is for third-party hosting and can collaboratively be used for enhancing user experience.

Valo intranet helps organizations to move ahead on the viva platform with custom-built solutions to handle external stakeholders, and by eradicating other drawbacks of the viva.

Valo combines with viva and provides a collaborative workplace with combined solutions to overcome the drawbacks of viva which may concern after missing Valo and Viva combination. Ex: handling external users through teams under viva – which is unavailable at present.

Viva connections – Viva connections serves the content, news, and resources binding with users interests and preferences in one place, it connects news hubs, yammer, communities, content platforms like SharePoint with native teams app by enabling users to find the information’s with no more back and forth suffering actions.

Valo connects in combination with viva will help you serve personalized experience to all your employees with relevant services like policies, forms, conversation updates, and access controls based on the user roles with enabling employees to access any services on any device.

Viva Learning offers employees a great learning platform in combination with LMS 365, employee training is made easier with viva learning by allowing organizations to add resources from experienced managers and to curate content around the web to stay updated with the recent news, content, and conversations related to resources.

Viva insights:  Viva insights will optimize employee and managers’ wellbeing in the organization by providing insights into their daily workflow helping them optimize their workday, prioritize their tasks, make data-driven decisions, and enhance productivity in the Modern Workplace. In the meantime, Microsoft Viva Insights encourage team-building activities and employee wellbeing with regular break reminders to help avoid burnouts and get quality of work.

Viva Topics with the help of AI builds a knowledge platform on the organization’s intranet by serving the suitable pieces of content, conversations, updates, and news relating to the topics from existing organizational resources and around the web which improves knowledge flow throughout the organization.

The combination of viva and Valo will enable organizations to focus on employees:

  1. Growth and development.
  2. Learning
  3. Communication and learning
  4. Wellbeing
  5. Communities
  6. Knowledge
  7. And company resource management

Microsoft Viva era to harness and empower employees and teams to thrive, collaborate, and work better. If you are looking to invest in your employee experience viva from Microsoft is a better choice to support whatever way your employees work. Because VIVA is all set to drive the future of work!

Managing employee digital behavior is crucial for organizations to achieve organizational goals with employee management because the right balance of these will benefit organizations in enormous ways. As a digital transformation solution, provider star knowledge expertise will define suitable intranet solutions that are ROI promised.  Contact us today to build a suitable path that drives employee digital experience.

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