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Improve employee experience using modern digital workplace

27 July 2021

digital transformation trends

How to improve employee experience is the most debated question in technology forums because organizations know that delivering staff experience in the modern workplace has a positive impact on customer satisfaction, innovation, productivity, profit, etc. Top business leaders confirm that employee experience always has a relationship with employee performance, the organizations providing better workplace experience have recorded 25% higher profits.

Enhanced experience positively affects many aspects of organizations starting from recruiting to employee retention. Is it really important to find your organizational challenges causing an unprofessional employee journey? Yes, it is necessary to find out the loopholes causing frustration in a work environment and eradicate them with a proper strategy and suitable digital workplace solutions.

A modern intranet is one such solution providing a digital workplace platform for organizations to achieve a better virtual workplace experience for employees during this covid crisis and non-traditional ROI.

Consider the advantages you can get from improved virtual workplace experience and resolve the challenges your employees facing in your current remote workplace environment:

  1. Communication and Collaboration: Personalized collaboration workspace for projects with widgets that your group needs enables your employees to experience a team environment that also provides access to documents, files, content, plan, updates, etc., related to a particular project and project communication with fellow workers enhances your participants work experience with a safe and secure digital work environment.
  2. Handling HR functions: HR functionalities should include the needs of employees in an employee success management perspective starting from improving candidate experience during onboarding till employees resigns because increased employee engagement increases employee retention rate that conserves the time and budget included in the hiring and relieving process and helps you find top priorities in a digital workplace to enhance employee experience.
  3. Workflow management: To improve workflow efficiency organizations should prefer better digital collaboration tools because this will improve team interaction and make them collaborate any time anywhere easily. Enabling your employees to access the information as easily as they connect will significantly improve workflow efficiency and productivity in the workplace.
  4. Business execution: Enhanced communication and collaboration with resource availability at their fingertip enable them to access and make decisions rapidly to handle situations even when they are unavailable at the workplace.
  5. Knowledge sharing platform: Along with virtual onboarding, digital knowledge sharing is a priority task for organizations to train their resources. Hence, the digital workplace bridges the knowledge gap with the one-time recordings from experienced managers in the organization by avoiding expensive and intensive training.
  6. Employee experience gap: If you have a digital workplace then you need to consider the gaps causing poor employee experience which might be using different applications for different actions across the project or task will make employees move back and forth causing frustration.

How do you feel when you are not required to jump into other applications to complete a task? Sounds like focused, right? Yes, when you adopt a virtual workplace platform that has access to all your task requirements and does not interrupt your workflow increases the efficiency of your work and productivity.

Star knowledge with expertise in building organizational solutions builds modern solutions that are tailor-made for you to improve workflow effectiveness, contact us to build your modern digital workplace solutions.

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