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empower digital workforce with microsoft viva

Empower digital workforce with Microsoft Viva

12 OCT 2021

digital transformation in different industries

Today, the primary objective most organizations are focusing on is towards achieving people productivity, work smartly in digital workplaces to drive efficiency, and building a seamless collaborative workplace.

Digital technology is not only disrupting industries and business models, it is disrupting individuals also” – Jo Grubb, global adoption and change management specialist at Microsoft.

Organizations plan their digital workforce strategy aiming at these goals:

  1. Improve employee and customer experience
  2. Work flexibility
  3. Cost reduction
  4. To make data-driven decisions
  5. Improve process efficiency
  6. Automate tasks

Microsoft viva is here to help you empower the digital workforce with the goal set to tie experience, engagement, wellbeing, and knowledge with workflows. Viva is a brand with four elements connections, insights, learning, and topics integrates Teams, SharePoint, and other O365 tools to deliver the solution that empowers the enterprise digital workplace.

Remote work, work from home, virtual meetings are quite common words people use, see, witnessing today and by keeping this in mind Microsoft has rethought digital workforce experience in a brand name Viva.

Microsoft viva is significantly commending modern digital workforce by enabling modern ways of working while keeping employees at the center, viva is here to drive change:

  1. Digital front door: from the employee perspective organizations know that employees need a trustable, secure, and efficient digital experience, hence, M365 provides a single entry point by bringing all solutions together to a single location. Viva connection and viva topics together bring user-related information, content, or tasks simplified with the help of AI.
  2. Bridges the Gap: communication gap, knowledge gap, collaboration gap, etc., are the common gaps in the virtual world and viva is a bridge to find solutions for the gaps.
  3. Managing Micro tasks: Employees often face a lot of micro-tasks in their entire workday by switching into relevant tools or systems but Viva empowering digital workforce provides a personalized dashboard that helps employees consolidate tasks at the personal level.
  4. Enhanced productivity: Viva insights will encourage data-driven conversations about work and wellbeing that help manage worker potential burnout, wellbeing issues, setting up break & focus time, and also to the organization’s holistic view in identifying potential issues and eradicating them at early stages.

Microsoft Viva empowering digital workforce:

  1. Viva connections: Viva connections build the connection between user and content by avoiding unnecessary back and forth actions for finding tasks, content, documents, etc., it connects news hubs, yammer, content platform, etc, to deliver a personalized experience for any user.
  2. Viva insights: This is a tool to spread light on daily workflow analysis to help them optimize their workflow, prioritize tasks, and make data-driven decisions.
  3. Valo learning: To empower upskilling of employees at the workplace with great learning platforms like LMS 365 allows organizations to add once and utilize it many times.
  4. Valo Topics: Valo topics provide content relevant to the topic across the web or organizational sites with the help of AI to improve knowledge flow at the workplace.

MS teams as a delivery mechanism with viva enable employee engagement starting from front line workers via mobile phones. Deploying viva with office 365 will change the work culture in many ways and viva plays a vital role in future digital transformation, contact us for more information on how viva can empower your digital workforce.

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Empower digital workforce with Microsoft Viva

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