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Meaning of Digital Customer Experience in Digital Journey

16 SEP 2021

digital customer experience

Digital Customer Experience (DCX) is a vital component for the businesses willing to transform their legacy business models to digitalization on the cloud. As a business owner, you may be one among an eCommerce retailer, healthcare service provider, financial service provider, educational institution, etc., but driving lead conversion or customer satisfaction is only possible through improvising online experience (Website speed, availability, ease of access, responsiveness, language, content, or product information, etc).

As more customers or buyers going online to get product awareness, pricing, and purchasing most of the time, digital presence for any business is a must. A study reveals that the highest of online sales (37%) have happened in Asia compared to other regions and 50% of customers have mentioned that their purchase (or rejection) was solemnly dependent on their experience.

Digital customer experience means – the conversation that happens between the customers or visitors and the digital touchpoints, a successful digital customer journey leads to conversions – which is also called successful online branding.

If you are planning the digital journey of your customers with the age-old strategies used to nurture clients then you would probably be heading in the wrong direction of nurturing users.

A customer-oriented and technology-driven DCX strategy for the entire cycle of customer digital journey (right from product awareness to maintenance) will help organizations in successfully improving digital customer experiences.

Future tools to drive successful Digital Customer Experience:

Chatbots: hyper-personalized chatbot is one of the future technologies in driving customer satisfaction as an automated channel for communicating with prospects it is predicted to account for higher conversion rates when compared to human errors, late replies, and sometimes no replies.

Mixed Reality: Using AR, VR for Creating a virtual world (mixed reality) with the 360 views of things you want your customers to experience, for example – creating an immersive report in healthcare, designing infrastructure blueprints in the construction field, presenting information to students in education, etc.

Digital Experience Platforms: DXP is a technology integrated platform to build, implement, and manage all digital touchpoints like portals, websites, mobile apps, etc., DXP helps enterprises to redesign customer-oriented business practices and is expected to replace CMS systems soon.

There are risks and benefits in adopting digital transformation, but with a suitable digital transformation, plan organizations can start a digital transformation journey to embrace technologies that fit into business models, at star knowledge a team of passionate consultants guides organizations through the best digital transformation strategies. Contact us today to adopt digitalization.

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