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LMS on azure for Workforce Development

LMS on azure for Workforce Development for Healthcare

19 Mar 2021

Azure LMS

The Client

The client is a service provider for helping healthcare organizations with workforce development training on performance improvement.

The Need

The client had an older ASP classic based CMS/ LMS solution in their healthcare firm that was outdated and lacked capabilities in terms of scalability for adding more courses without hiccups, scale on the cloud, and use the MVC architecture Additionally, they needed to support responsive screen layouts to support mobile and tablet-based devices Additionally, the application required refactoring the entire code and reengineer modules to support Azure deployment, Azure DevOps for better deployment management hence Azure LMS (Learning Management System) came into the picture.

The Challenge

The client had developed the application in ASP classic back in 2004 and the original codebase was modified several times to add courses in the LMS system, support additional features and several pages of the LMS were added manually, several modules had several dependencies including certification generation, pdf generation, and few other components that were suited for the classic ASP and needed re-engineering and migrated to the new environment.

Additionally, the challenges existed with the databases as the older database was on SQL Server 2005 and had several queries that were not optimized.

The entire project required code assessment, plan and approach to migrate the salvageable code and reengineer the new components and modules with the business logic Additionally, the application was to be used by wide aged demography of users and needed solution for ease of accessibility management.

Furthermore, the application required compliance with HIPAA and needed to enable SSO based on Oauth 2.0 several customer tenants using Azure AD via Multitenant access.

The Solution

Star Knowledge defined the current state of the system and mapped the existing set of functionalities that were required as part of the core solution of their healthcare learning management system additionally, Star Knowledge proposed to use an open-source Net-based CMS solution that would enable easier content management and redesign the learning modules per the business logic that was mapped earlier.

The healthcare LMS solution was designed entirely on Web App that would run on Azure, Azure SQL, and was hosted on Azure. The application supported Oauth 2.0 with Azure AD Multitenant setup that enabled secure and role-based access control for users from authorized tenants via SSO logins.

The LMS application with the redesigned UI enabled accessibility controls in addition to supporting DevOps-based automated deployments The next phase of the project involved supporting multilingual support for the users.

Benefits obtained

  • Refactored and re-engineered application that supported .Net 4.8
  • Optimized Stored procedures and data connectivity
  • Scalable on Azure PaaS
  • Single sign-on capabilities with Office 365 with role-based controls
  • Mobile focused solution with architecture planned for future scalability
  • Application enablement with accessibility controls
  • Near Real-time data refresh (every few mins) with Event Grids
  • DevOps for automated pipeline management

Technology Stack

  • ASP.Net
  • MVC 4.8
  • Web APIs
  • Bootstrap
  • Azure PaaS
  • Azure AD Security
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure SQL

Looking for a similar up-gradation to Azure LMS cloud solution? Share your idea with our Azure consultants today!

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