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SharePoint in the Construction Industry

SharePoint in the Construction Industry as the Best PMIS

06 AUG 2019

SharePoint in the Construction Industry

Project Management Information systems (PMIS) are commonly used by construction companies around the world for storing and distributing information by both upper level and lower level management to execute each and every project. PMIS has rendered great support to construction companies since time immemorial but with rapid innovation in technology, are PMISs still satisfying project management needs such as responsive project dashboards, creation of document repositories, customizable charts and graphs, secure role-based access authorization and web access?

Modern technology platform such as Microsoft SharePoint has made it a lot easier for construction companies to collaborate, customize, schedule, estimate and automate processes. SharePoint offers phenomenal modern capabilities and features that other traditional project management software, tools, and applications lack.

Challenges of Project Management Information System (PMIS)

Construction Managers worldwide complain that their traditional PMIS lack below capabilities for seamless project execution:

  • Lack of integration with ERP systems
  • Lack of customization options
  • Lack of multi-language options & support
  • Lack of open source applications support
  • Lack of standardization
  • Lack of multi-currency support

Aren’t the above constraints resulting in lesser number of projects than you are capable of handling? Microsoft SharePoint in the Construction Industry has been widely adopted and is proven to be an ideal solution for Project Management. With SharePoint, Construction managers can streamline processes, facilitate better communication, collaboration and increase productivity.

Reasons why SharePoint is exclusively used as a Project Management Information System
  • Security

One of the coolest features of SharePoint is the creation of groups, sites, and applications. With SharePoint, you can create different groups and importantly you can apply permissions to the group to maintain a secure, scalable environment. You can define permissions to individuals directly in the group as well as to the group as a whole for using, editing, and sharing the project-critical information.

  • Third-Party Service Integrations

SharePoint offers code-free interaction with multiple 3rd party services integration thus allowing users to connect and automate major business processes using SharePoint workflow. From 3rd party, applications to open-source software, connect and integrate anything with Microsoft SharePoint and therefore reduce the mess of using different tools for the same tasks and information.

  • Better Reporting Tools

Create, configure and update dashboards, scorecards, and reports. SharePoint offers tools like Microsoft Power BI that can be used for better data visualization. You can display graphs, charts, KPIs, reports on your SharePoint site to users by embedding Power BI reports. Additionally, SharePoint includes tools for data within the platform, therefore, saving your time in importing documents from different locations.

  • Customization Support

There’s no “one size fits all” thumb rule in construction project management. Every company defines a unique approach for different construction projects. Microsoft SharePoint brings that customization support and options for planning, scheduling, and estimating costs and resources. With SharePoint, managers can create customized personal dashboards and project dashboards.

  • Intranet and Extranet on SharePoint

It is highly important for construction companies to adopt a secure intranet and SharePoint has been the best intranet platform for construction companies. The platform is an all-rounder for your digital workplace. From document management to communication groups, the best SharePoint consultants say SharePoint is the right solution for corporate intranet/extranet development.

  • Document Management & On-Site Support

SharePoint is the ultimate document management solution from Microsoft, especially for businesses that are highly involved in project management. With SharePoint members in a construction company can create document repositories & have access to resources anytime, anywhere on any device. Workers on-site can upload images/pictures live on the SharePoint site and share them with other members for better and quick decision-making.

  • The Desired PMIS Features are now on SharePoint
Below are a number of features that Construction Project Managers would like to have in their traditional PMIS:
  • Phone/tablet compatibility
  • Push Notifications or SMS Notifications
  • Creation of Digital Signature
  • Multi-language support
  • Language translation support
It isn’t surprising that Microsoft SharePoint includes all the above features/capabilities as a full-fledged Project Management Information System. Star Knowledge Expertise

Star Knowledge has delivered tailored SharePoint consulting services and SharePoint migration services to businesses across a wide range of industries including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Engineering and firms in the Finance Sector. Our experience in the field has made us the best SharePoint Development Company in the USA and across the globe.

If you’re looking at migrating to SharePoint, we can help your move really quick and smooth. Star Knowledge has helped leading construction companies in SharePoint Solutions. Contact our professional SharePoint Consultants.

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