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SharePoint Document Management System for a Construction Company

SharePoint Document Management for a Construction Company

18 MAR 2020

The Client

A leading construction company in North America engages Star Knowledge for a full-fledged construction Document Management System (DMS) on Microsoft SharePoint.

The Need 

The client wanted a seamless document management system (DMS) that is secure, powerful and streamlines the easy creation, abundance storage, and quick navigation of documents, enabling effective project management.

The Challenge

The client lacked a centralized document management solution due to which the data had become unmanageable and unworkable. The construction staff had grown agitated with the time it consumed in navigating and locating the required customer data as the absence of a DMS made it inaccessible.

To manage the large number documents used during the life cycle of construction projects, the client needed to convert them into a user-friendly digital archive that could be searched, retrieved and shared, while maintaining proper workflows so that all documents were handled in accordance with legal retention guidelines.

The Solution

The SharePoint consultants at Star Knowledge developed a Digital Records System, based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 that features a user-friendly interface to scan documents into MOSS, replacing the need for physical document storage. Custom workflows were built to extend MOSS’s functionality by allowing batch documents to be archived to SharePoint Records Centre.

Benefits of the Custom SharePoint Document Management Solution

  • Rapid retrieve of archived document
  • Reduction in data storage
  • Time saving
  • Improved Search capability
  • Support for larger Data
  • Access from anywhere
  • Security


  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Looking for a similar SharePoint solution? Our consultants with broad expertise in SharePoint migration services can help you move your legacy document management system to SharePoint or can build custom SharePoint-based solutions tailored for your business. Let’s discuss your project. Sign up for a Microsoft SharePoint consultation.

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