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MOSS – SharePoint Content Staging System

6 FEB 2018


The Client

The client required a facility to store/archive a large number of documents and have the capability to retrieve them based on the access rights or security.

The Need

The Client needed to build a system that had a workflow and content management system which are highly flexible since the Clients approval process for archiving document and changes in documents would change from time to time.

After evaluating several solutions, it was identified that the solution based on Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) offered the most flexibility and ability to customize the document approval process.

The Solution

With proven expertise in SharePoint consulting services and workflow automation, the SharePoint consultants at Star Knowledge developed a solution using MOSS 2007, and Windows Workflow Foundation. The MOSS 2007 provides the Web Presentation and Document Storage layers of this solution. WWF controls the approval work Flow and controls SharePoint Actions through Web Services.

The solution provides for more efficient approval processes and enables its users to find documents much more quickly and easily. It also enables to control and customize the approval processes for every action performed in the document archive, every action has an audit trail, security is enforced automatically and documents are much less likely to become lost or corrupted.

Results & benefits obtained

The key benefits realized as a result of the successful project include:
  • Improved approval efficiency.
  • Faster and easier document searching.
  • Custom approval processes.
  • Automatic security and audit trail


  • MOSS 2007 (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
  • Windows Workflow Foundation

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