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Microsoft Visual Studio

GENIUS – Fully Integrated Enterprise Solution

13 FEB 2018

Microsoft Visual Studio


  • The Client, a leading textile yarn manufacturer wanted an integrated system to control the inventory and maintain an optimum stock level.
  • The client needed to track the Purchase Price of items, frequency and stock level whenever an order was placed.
  • The client also wanted to reduce the holding in the inventory

Clients concocted a thought

  • A solution based on Microsoft Visual Studio, MS Sql Server and Crystal report was developed making use of 3 Tier Architecture.
  • The application had internal checks and approval process for creation of purchase order etc.,
  • The application also had tracking mechanism to track where the particular items where used after the issue was made

Benefits obtained

The key benefits realized as a result of the successful project include:
  • This enabled to stream line the process for Inventory management
  • This enabled to decrease the inventory by 35% in one year
  • This enabled the client to have better control over the purchase, pricing and timing of procurement.

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