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MyMoney – Silverlight Application

13 FEB 2018

Silverlight Consulting & Application Development


Our client is a leading financial institute with multiple branches spread across.  Established around 5 years back, it renders e-enabled services to retail consumers, corporates and financial institutions.  It is also one of the licensed certifying authorities issuing digital certificates in India.

Clients concocted a thought

Client was providing a first of its kind consumer servicing organization providing a host of cutting edge Do-It-Yourself solutions to Indian consumers to meet their exceptional needs concerning financial, legal and statutory requirements.  Do-It-yourself solutions are aimed to enable consumers to complete certain critical transactions, may it be intimating the change of address, applying for a car loan, applying for an insurance policy, requesting for an insurance claim, filing income tax returns or it be tracking one’s money while sitting at home or office or coffee shop or airport using the internet or mobile.

Client needed a personal finance monitoring solution that helps any one to track their personal expenditure, income, assets, investments and liabilities and further helps to make informed decisions impacting their finances and manage their lifestyle.

They needed an application that will allow the users to record transactions in an intuitive way and gives them pictorial and precise reports which are easy to comprehend.  By means of this app, client intended to provide the flexibility of anytime-anywhere tracking.  As a value-added service client wanted the consumer to receive a report card on average spending habits of their peers


The main challenge developing this portal was the requirement of very attractive User Interfaces. There was a need for a complete UI changes.  Also, there were many additions to the technologies.

Security feature had to be considered as the app dealt with finances

What we proposed

The Star Knowledge Technical Team proposed Silverlight to be used for the development of this portal.  Finally, the portal was developed using Visual Studio 2010, .Net Framework 4.0, SQL Server Database 2008, Silverlight.  Also, Telerik controls were utilized for Graphs, date picker etc.,

Application overview

  • The application MyMoney is a life style management tool
  • The application provides the user with a personal finance monitoring solution
  • Allows user to keep track of personal expenditure, income, assets, investments and liabilities without intruding into their banking credentials
  • Helps to make informed decisions impacting individual finances and manage individual lifestyle
  • Flexibility of anytime-anywhere tracking
  • MyMoney allows the users to record transactions in an intuitive way
  • Gives the pictorial and precise reports which are easy to comprehend by the end users
  • Report Card on average spending habits of their peers
  • Simple to use User Interface
  • Secured Portal, using 128-bit encryption for transmitting data between customer’s browser and the server
  • Application is designed to ‘Scale Out’
  • Application has been reviewed for scalability and security by architects from Microsoft
  • Core application is hosted on a ‘web service’, which is secured at high standards

Technologies used

  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Telerik Controls for Charts and Date Picker etc.,
  • SQL Server 2008

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