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eForms Solution for RAF | SharePoint Services

8 FEB 2018



eForms Solution for RAF

The Need

The following are the requirement of the proposed solution
  • To Develop eForm similar to current forms
  • Enable the users to fill, save and submit the claim eforms – RAF Form1 and RAF Form 2
  • The eForms needs to be linked from the RAF Website
  • The eForms to have a Barcode to store all the information
  • The eForms must be dynamic and support validations
  • The eForms must enable the user to enter both Digital and physical signature
  • The eForms to be integrated with the RAF Solution
  • The eforms solution should be able to work on SQL Server/Oracle/Informix

The Solution

eForms purpose is to automate the business process which empowers the organization to be more efficient, productive, and responsive to customer/client needs.

The eForms solutions proposed is to be built leveraging Microsoft .NET and Office Systems technologies to provide a high level of performance and stability.

Solution Flow

The following is the flow of the solution
  • The Claimant/ User can access the published Claim eForm form the link on the RAF website
  • When the user clicks on the link, he is asked to provide his user credentials. If the user is a new users, he will have to register in order to submit a Claim
  • Once the user login, he will have the option to raise a new claim or modify the already saved claim or view the Claim that is already submitted
  • The User also has the option to print the Forms
  • When the user clicks on new eForm, a new form is presented and user can enter the information
  • The user also has the option to upload files
  • The user can save the form at any time during the entry process.
  • The Eform will have built-in validations to validate the input made by the user.
  • The user will have the option to sign the document using a Digital signature or will be provided with the option to sign physically using a mouse/digital pen.
  • Once the form is complete, the user can submit that. The System will validate the input and accept or alert the user on the input which is not compatible with the system.
  • Once the form is submitted, a 2D bar code is generated along with the Reference Number, ID, Date/Time Stamp
  • The user can take print of the Eform.
  • The data from the submitted form is stored in the Microsoft SharePoint System.
  • A wrapper layer is built-in SharePoint system which will pull the newly submitted forms information from SharePoint and publish it to the RAF Claims database.

Technologies used

  • Microsoft Dot Net 3.5
  • C#
  • XML
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • MS SharePoint 2010
  • CAML
  • MS Sql Server/ Oracle

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