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Physical Therapy Website Development: Essential for Growth

28 AUG 2019


Physical Therapy Website Development

Unlike visiting a family practitioner or a specialist physician, a common misconception that most patients have is that to visit a physical therapist, they need a referral from their primary care physician or orthopedic. Few patients first think of their physical therapist when they have a sprain, ache or pain.  Some of the myths and thoughts that keep patients away from reaching out to their physical therapist directly are:

  • My primary care provider or orthopedic surgeon will refer me to a physical therapist if it is necessary
  • Physical therapy will take a long time to help me recover from my condition
  • A physical therapist will help me do exercises which I can easily do at home on my own
  • Physical therapy will be expensive and not covered by my insurance

One of the major reasons for this trend to continue is that, while physical therapists are very passionate about their work and cultivate genuine relationships with their patients; they fail when it comes to marketing their services in the digital world. In fact, quick online research shows that almost 20% of the therapists running a practice do not have their own website. And those that do, have websites which have several shortcomings and do not rank on search engines when prospective patients do a simple google search.

Physical Therapy Website Development

Keeping the above factors in mind, we have tried to list down pointers that will help PTs and OTs to understand the benefits of having a physical therapy website that will attract more patients to your clinic:

  1. When a patient looks online for physiotherapists, the keywords they search for are the specific disease conditions they are suffering from and having these listed on your website especially the ones that are commonly searched for helps your site to rank at the top. According to a Google Analytics report, the keywords ‘Physical Therapy’, ‘physiotherapy’, ‘backache’ etc. are searched almost 110000 times a month, so managing the keywords correctly increases online visibility.
  2. Online Scheduling and appointment features on your website can make it easier for patients to reach out to you.
  3. Finding your locations linked correctly to google maps on your website will give more clarity
  4. Knowing more about you and your credentials: Your bio if written explicitly on your website will help patients get the confidence in you before coming to meet you for the first time
  5. Learning about your specialties: If there are any special services or sessions that you offer, anything that makes your practice stand out from the therapists, mention them on your website in detail. This will help drive patients to your clinic who are looking for such niche services
  6. Reputation Management: Reading about reviews about you from similar patients-This is one of the major drivers when patients see positive reviews and testimonials of other patients who have been treated for similar conditions, their confidence in coming to your clinic increases.

The value of having features like Online Appointment Scheduling and easy access to the credentials of the provider cannot be undermined.

A physical therapist essentially helps to heal with the use of no or minimal pain medications and helps to improve the quality of life. Review our Quality of Life websites and fill up this questionnaire to help us tailor your website.

Here’s How Star Knowledge Can Help

Star Knowledge is a leading software development company in USA & India with proven expertise in Web, Mobile & cloud software development for Healthcare firms with major focus to Occupational and Physical Therapy software solutions, website design and development.

We can help healthcare firms in building personalized Physical Therapy Website designs allowing the right audience to find you on the internet easily. Contact us for your custom software development.

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