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SharePoint for Healthcare Solutions

10 JUN 2019

SharePoint 2019

The Healthcare industry is facing massive technology challenges due to distrust in software platforms for not being HIPAA compliant but CIOs in the industry are actively looking for technology solutions that can help in improving information access, cost reduction, and most importantly regulations compliance.

In recent years, SharePoint for Healthcare has become talk-of-the-town. While still some of the healthcare institutions are busy validating the fact whether Microsoft SharePoint is HIPAA compliant the collaboration platform has achieved quite a popularity in the industry. For those still wondering if SharePoint is safe, here’s good news: SharePoint is HIPAA compliant. Microsoft SharePoint does incorporate all necessary technical and administrative safeguards to comply with HIPAA rules and healthcare institutions can now benefit from SharePoint Healthcare Solutions in a HIPAA compliant manner. Microsoft as a business associate will ensure that all responsibilities are met but it is also the responsibility of the users to use the platform under HIPAA rules. Now let’s see how SharePoint is solving the technical challenges of the healthcare industry.

Some of the major problems faced by Healthcare organizations include their limitation to collaborating with other organizations for projects and team collaborations, absence of support for cross-organization clinical collaboration & coordination, and lack of intranet for intra-organizational collaboration. These major problems affect all-important business operations and drastically reduce productivity. Microsoft SharePoint is proven to be genuinely helpful in solving all of the major problems of Healthcare organizations.

Technology Challenges of Healthcare Providers:

  • Managing massive amounts of patient-related data
  • Absence of optimized supply management
  • Inefficient data sharing
  • Data and Infrastructure security
  • Compliance

The above challenges are only the tip of the iceberg and here’s how Healthcare organizations can achieve efficiency by moving from Legacy Systems to Microsoft SharePoint:

  • Automate Workflows

With over 10 years of experience in delivering tailored SharePoint consulting services, Star Knowledge understands that one of the major challenges faced by the healthcare industry is growing costs in improving operational efficiencies and thus, it has become highly important to automate workflows from appointments to payment transactions.

Also, the Shortage of staff is a contributing factor in the haunting waiting time of patients, and automation of analog manual processes will help in addressing this problem through advanced capture and sharing.

Microsoft SharePoint is the platform for automating all your workflows and quickly managing operations without wasting any amount of time. Microsoft’s low-code rapid application development platform and workflow automation platforms like Microsoft Power Apps and Flow (Power Automate) are built for the purpose. If you too are standing in line for high patient waiting time and a shortage of staff to manage this problem then you should consider exploring SharePoint for Healthcare solutions.

  • Better Document Management

Paperwork, filing, storing, and protecting documents have been mind-wracking tasks of healthcare organizations since eternity and this takes twice the time than actually meeting a patient. Doesn’t it cause trouble and waste your valuable time? SharePoint document management System is renowned for its storage ability. This really is a significant feature for healthcare organizations. Document accessing is also made flexible and useful with the SharePoint search bar to find the required document in just one click.

You can store all paperwork and documents such as admission forms, medical records, insurance forms, patients’ forms, etc. in one central location using a document repository that will provide the patient’s medical history & details in one location. With the document access control ( like who can view, edit, download, etc,.) the data stored are safer and more secure. Want to build a SharePoint DMS Services? Let’s get you started!

  • Permissions Management

Wondering if you can restrict or limit access, upload, and edit of important documents? SharePoint has the ability to create a safe, secure, and trustworthy environment. SharePoint Security Management includes features such as ‘User Permissions’ that will ensure documents are managed in a different way by assigning roles. Some of the roles are admin, owners, team members, and visitors. It also enables you to create your own custom permissions. You can also manage SharePoint access for both internal and external users. Isn’t it as secure as it can be?

It is natural for you to worry about privacy and security as a Healthcare organization but choosing the right content and collaboration platform will reduce this burden. Also, using third-party tools has always added complexity to healthcare processes thus, Microsoft SharePoint developers have brought new compliance features to SharePoint, these features support HIPAA requirements & regulations. All the data and information on networks and within SharePoint are properly secured and protected making SharePoint for Healthcare Solutions the ultimate collaboration platform for high security and protection.

  • Intranet

One of the major benefits of SharePoint for Healthcare Solutions is you can build an intranet for all your employees. Members in the organization can collaborate seamlessly on any device on the SharePoint intranet. And what’s more? You can publish news, policies, rules, have a unique leave application field, or customize dashboards and settings based on your unique requirements. You can search for any physician or employee using the Search bar and access their information in seconds. You can also create portals for patients to access information and communicate with physicians. SharePoint is your one-stop platform for all your collaboration and document management needs.

As an organization, you can leverage SharePoint solutions for collaborating with your employees with Teams. As you can share, access, manage, edit documents, and collaborate with employees or patients on a single platform like Teams, both SharePoint and Microsoft Teams in combination will ensure productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

SharePoint for Healthcare Solutions is growing and a huge number of healthcare organizations are already benefitting from the platform due to its collaboration features and cost-reduction capabilities. It suits businesses of all sizes.

Star Knowledge has proven expertise in developing custom Sharepoint Healthcare solutions with niche expertise in SharePoint migration services, SharePoint workflow automation, and custom SharePoint forms development. If you too are looking at hopping in for SharePoint for Healthcare solutions, get in touch with us, Star Knowledge can help.



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