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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Microsoft 365 Managed Service Provider

Avoid Pitfalls: Choosing a Microsoft 365 Managed Service

15 March 2023

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Microsoft 365 is a powerful platform that enables businesses to streamline their operations, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity. However, managing Microsoft 365 can be challenging, and not every business has the resources and expertise to handle it in-house. That’s where a managed service provider comes in.

An MSP is a third-party company that provides a range of services to manage your Microsoft 365 environment. These services can include migration, implementation, monitoring, security, and maintenance. However, not all service providers are created equal, and choosing the wrong one can be costly and disruptive to your business. In this article, we’ll explore the mistakes to avoid when choosing a Microsoft 365 managed service provider.

5 Mistakes to avoid when choosing MSP for Microsoft 365 

  • Not Considering the Expertise and Experience

Microsoft 365 is a complex platform that requires expertise and experience to manage. When selecting a MSP, it’s critical to consider the provider’s level of expertise and platform experience. Look for a provider who has a thorough understanding of M365 as well as a track record of successful implementations and management.

Examining a provider’s certifications, case studies, and client testimonials can allow you to evaluate their level of knowledge and experience. MSP with having team of certified Microsoft 365 consultants, its displays their dedication to remaining current with the newest technology and practices.

  • Failing to Evaluate the Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Service level agreements (SLAs) are an essential part of any managed service provider contract. SLAs define the level of service you can expect from the provider and establish the metrics used to measure their performance. Failing to evaluate the provider’s SLAs can lead to misunderstandings and disappointment down the road.

When evaluating a Microsoft 365 managed service provider, you should pay close attention to their SLAs. Look for that provide clear and measurable metrics for response time, uptime, and resolution times. You should also ensure that the SLAs are realistic and achievable.

  • Overlooking Security and Compliance Requirements

Any firm using Microsoft 365 must take security and compliance into account. It’s crucial to check that the MSP you select has the knowledge and resources needed to handle compliance and security needs. You should look for their security and compliance standards, like ISO 27001 certified and they have experience with Microsoft’s security and compliance tools, such as Microsoft Defender and Azure Information Protection.

It’s also essential to understand the provider’s security and compliance processes and how they will keep your data secure. You should ask the provider about their security policies, access controls, and data backup and recovery processes.

  • Choosing a MSP Based on Price Alone

Choosing a MSP for Microsoft 365 based on price alone can be a costly mistake. While price is an essential consideration, it should not be the only factor you consider when choosing a provider. Low-cost providers may lack the necessary expertise and experience to effectively manage your Microsoft 365. They may also lack the necessary tools and resources to provide high-quality service. It is critical to select a MSP who provides a good balance of quality and value.

When evaluating, you should compare the services they offer and their pricing models. Look for their offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees or charges. You should also evaluate the contract terms and termination clauses to ensure that you can easily terminate the agreement if necessary.

  • Ignoring the Customer Support and Communication

Customer support and communication are crucial factors in choosing a managed service provider. You need a provider that is responsive and provides clear and timely communication. At the time of evaluation you should ask about their customer support processes and service level agreements. Also look they offer 24/7 support and have a dedicated support team. You should also look communication channels, such as email, phone, and chat, to ensure that you can easily reach them when you need assistance.


Choosing a managed Microsoft 365 service provider is an important decision that requires careful consideration. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can find a provider that meets your business’s needs and helps you get the most out of your Microsoft 365. Remember to evaluate the MSP’s expertise and experience, service level agreements, security and compliance, pricing, and customer support and communication before making your decision. With the right provider, you can ensure that your Microsoft 365 environment is secure, reliable, and optimized for your business’s needs.

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