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Ways to improve O365 adoption

Ways to Improve the M365 adoption in your company

27 Dec 2021

Ways to improve O365 adoption

Adopting recent technology in the workplace and across the work processes may not yield the expected results, but the right strategy and insights from industry experts will help businesses avoid discontent and employee stress after digital adoption.

With the increased demand for hybrid work culture enterprises are more focused on adopting newer technologies like Microsoft modern workplace to bring efficacy in their workflow, data management, employee experience, collaboration, and productivity.

According to a survey from Gartner – “worldwide spending on public cloud services is 6.4% increased in 2020 when compared to 2019 and further achieved an 18.4% more growth in 2021 from 2020”.

Microsoft 365 is one such digital transformation solution providing effective results to its customers across different industries around the world, giving the full-fledged opportunity to the Microsoft 0ffice 365 adopters to thrive in the modern culture of working.

For the users of Microsoft 365, there is always an opportunity to innovate and explore new digital capabilities by defining an effective adoption strategy to energize employee work efficiency, effectiveness, and cost optimization. And the simplest ways to improve the adoption of Microsoft Office 365 are:

  1. Getting industry-specific guidelines: Defining use-cases related to industries and finding best practices using productivity library helps enterprises get role-based guidelines that are helpful to build custom solutions.
  2. Identifying champions: Identifying and nurturing Microsoft 365 champions is most valuable and necessary to influence co-workers about leveraging Microsoft 365 in the workplace, to give on the job training, educate employees about new features and functionalities because these champions always stay ahead in the learning curve and teach peers on how to identify and accomplish tasks.
  3. Enforcing user adoption: Providing user adoption training avoids workflow distractions, since there are plenty of applications available in the Microsoft 365 suite user training on adoption practice helps employees work together and identify changes in lesser time.
  4. Getting feedback: Getting feedback from employees by giving them the full opportunity to explore and use Microsoft 365 solutions further adjusting according to the feedback will help organizations to better the Microsoft 365 adoption process.
  5. Implementation and updates: Checking for user usage post-implementation gives an overview of the adoption practices and usage of applications which will help in planning adopting new releases with micro training employees on updates.

Looking to adopt better strategies to improve M365 adoption in your organization? Contact us, as the Microsoft gold partner and early adopter we guide organizations from different sectors to successfully implement Microsoft 365 solutions.

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