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Microsoft 365 - empowering everyone for the Hybrid World

Microsoft 365 – empowering everyone for the Hybrid World

10 Mar 2022

Microsoft 365 for hybrid workplace

Almost in every business meeting, there is always a discussion overworking models, and everyone is willing to adopt a hybrid work model to benefit both the employers and employees.

The current world needs strong communication, collaboration, and secured sharing environments to thrive in the present market of WFH model to reach the requirements of establishing overseas connections between clients and employees.

To bind the companies with their digital tools of collaboration, communication, and creation Microsoft has come up with a new capability called digital fabric to combine data, AI, and automation.

Here is what’s new in Microsoft will blow your mind with the updated features and enhanced abilities to reach new heights of productivity:

Microsoft Teams Mesh:

Microsoft has newly introduced Mesh for Microsoft Teams to provide immersive 2D and 3D collaboration experiences during online meetings by enabling users to present themselves in an immersive meeting environment.

Along with the Microsoft mesh, there are a lot of updates have been introduced to Microsoft Teams to boost the collaboration experience of the users located around the globe and bring productivity in the virtual meetings.

Microsoft’s updated version of teams will make cross-organization collaboration hassle-free by removing the hurdles involved in sharing meeting invitations outside the organization which eradicates the big group collaboration problems.

The new hybrid work model from Microsoft brings collaborative apps into the teams’ environment allows users to access tools like – SAP, Atlassian, and ServiceNow across chat, channel, and meetings bringing more data and connectivity right into the workflow.

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Microsoft Loop:

The whole new creative Idea of Looping people with documents enables users to think, plan, and create together. Microsoft Loop is having 3 elements:

  1. Loop Components
  2. Loop Pages
  3. Loop Workspaces

Looping reports, tasks plans, voting tables, etc., will come under the loop Components element allows you to build collaborative reports, tasks & voting tables helps collaborate and complete tasks within chats, emails, and meetings.

Loop pages and Loop workspaces help users to loop the documents, pages, chats, emails in an environment called Loop workspace that contains people relevant to the project, and these assist employees to locate required data, group discussions, documents, and clarifications to proceed further in the workflow. Learn more in Office blogs.

Microsoft’s step towards building an efficient hybrid work model helps organizations reinvent possibilities in the virtual workspace and helps achieve greater productivity with a better employee experience. Looking to adopt modern Microsoft solutions into your business? Contact us with 10+ years of experience in providing Microsoft solutions to different industrial needs our expert consultants will build solutions that meet your expectations.

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