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How to Improve Employee Engagement

13 JUL 2021


There’s a lot of good work being done within organizations to enhance staff engagement and to help employees be more productive with collaboration through software like Microsoft 365. Engaged employee rates will directly affect the productivity rate in an organization because as per the study revealed from More Gallop research the United States recorded a $ 550 billion loss the previous year due to employee disengagement.

Organizations take necessary actions on a regular basis to improve the engagement of employees for prepare emotionally connected workers inside the organization. Because low-engaged people inside the organization lead to a downfall in productivity and satisfaction. After the ever-imagined disruption hit the world hybrid nature is becoming quite common in almost all the fields like – Information technology, Education, healthcare, grocery shops, etc.,

HR employee engagement measurement modules are more paperwork and difficult to organize the information gathered periodically, hence to overcome these issues Microsoft has the tools to enhance employee engagement through accessing the collected data of the employee reports, questionnaires, feedback, suggestions, etc., from the employees and leaders.

Whether your organization is any size of business or a venture-level enterprise, Microsoft Office 365 has features and advantages to make your organization and workers more beneficial, sorted out, organized, and engaged for accomplishment in the present hectic, on-the-go business conditions.

Let’s understand the detailed analysis of how Microsoft Office 365 helps enterprises to increase the effectiveness in employee engagement and the productivity of their business.

Collaborate seamlessly in real-time

Today, more than a billion clients are aboard Office 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Yammer, and OneDrive to consistently communicate, team up, and get work done. Microsoft Office 365 is an entire smart solution that engages every employee, assistant, salesperson, agent, and representative to be imaginative, consult innovatively, and cooperate safely.

To upgrade team collaboration efforts considerably more, the Yammer enterprise social network works flawlessly with Office 365, which offers you the influence of social engagement and communication alongside the familiar, rich experience of Office, the world’s most broadly utilized profitability suite.

Workplace Flexibility

Work environment, flexibility enables organizations, and people, in addition, to accomplish set objectives by changing the location, time, and approach that workers utilize. It is tied in with rolling out improvements that commonly advantage the business and employees while bringing about superior outcomes. In this manner, working environment flexibility provokes employees to work better and finally enhances efficiency.


Mobility becoming the new standard, and your employees require a perfect solution that they can take with them. Microsoft 365 qualifies your capacity to modify documents on mobile devices and consequently synchronize with your desktop. This makes your employees work easy and improves productivity through better work-life balance.

Visuals to Engage Your Team

The majority of people learn visually. It’s the reason we adore pictures, recordings, motion pictures, diagrams, and charts as opposed to consistent writing or substantial series of numbers. This is for the employees who are enthusiasts about learning new technologies and wants to get excel in their work culture.

Utilizing visual reports will enable you to give clear perception and comprehension with a specific end goal to enhance employee engagement. Some of the tools offered by Microsoft’s Office 365 suite that can help you to make perfect images, charts and pictures incorporate Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM), Power BI, and Visio.

How can You Improve Employee Engagement with Office 365 Tools?

  • Leverage intranet on Office 365 – An amazing capability!
  • Custom search capabilities – Quick navigation to save time
  • Workflow automation with Power Automate – Automate frequent, time-consuming tasks
  • Virtual meetings anytime, anywhere – Microsoft Teams with audio conferencing, chat, video conferencing, Whiteboards, and meeting notes
  • Mobility – Virtual workplace on mobile devices
  • Interactive data visualization dashboards – Power BI to the rescue
  • Custom business apps with no code – Power Apps rapid app development with no coding skills required

Benefits of employee engagement

Effective employee engagement brings the best at the workplace either at the office or remote locations, according to a survey from Gallup Institution better engagement between employees is 22% of the productivity in the digital workplace. Hence, here are some benefits of better employee management listed for you:
  • Higher employee retention rate
  • Decreased absentees
  • Better customer engagement
  • Improved productivity
  • Mobility – Virtual workplace on mobile devices
  • Enhanced team performance
  • Increased revenue
  • quality of work

Change in work culture since the shift to remote work culture changed employee expectations with no guarantee to assure employees lifetime remote work according to the Microsoft work trend index and survey 73% of people are willing to work remotely while 67% want more in-person engagement.

From the key experience of the top organizations, it is noted that conducting meetings enhances employee engagement in the workplace and builds a successful work culture but that has been marked as ineffective in the remote work model due to the issues faced during remote meetings, events, and conferences due to lack of facilities available to be visually connected to the conferences, or software & hardware facilities at remote workplaces made organizations avoid hybrid work model by bringing back employees to the company for the sake of employee experience and engagement during working in a team.

Microsoft’s continuous updates to all its products declared its support for a hybrid work culture and to improve engagement in the workplace Microsoft has come up with interesting yet helpful virtual collaboration features like:
  1. AI-powered intelligent cameras.
  2. AI-powered active speaker tracking.
  3. Collective video conference experience.
  4. D365 in teams paired to AI camera.
  5. Hybrid work experience in Outlook.
  6. Windows 365 or Windows 11 is made for a hybrid work model.

Conversations, Q&A, topics, etc, add value to the conference, and to make it possible during remote conversations Microsoft teams have been rolling out frequent updates to forefront employee engagement in the hybrid workplace.

Microsoft 365-enabled work environment helps users utilize the powerful tools available across O365 to drive hybrid workplace worker engagement – to keep everyone updated and engaged with the community organizations can leverage any of the tools like SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Microsoft Stream, etc, to set up live events and employees with the same to stream live events conducted from corporations.

How do live events boost employee engagement?

  1. Bring globally dispersed teams together.
  2. Makes higher authorities or high-level managers available to employees.
  3. Improves employee satisfaction.
  4. Helps employees understand the company and its responsibilities.
  5. Helps organizations to motivate workers.

“The future of the workplace is all about choices, with the flexibility to be where we want to be and work effectively and technology is the prior essential to provide the infrastructure that all needs to work dynamically “ – Patrick Eltridge, COO, Nationwide.

A successful hybrid work framework helps organizations prioritize employee well-being, bolster leadership qualities, encourage innovative ideas, skill development, and more.

Last note; Office 365 consolidates tools that make a coordinated effort and perception easier, thus helping your employees to remain persuaded, engaged, and motivated. In addition, the suite takes into account more working environment adaptability and upgraded correspondence. Exploit every one of the features and conceivable outcomes offered by Office 365 in order to motivate your employees and increment general business profitability.

It is becoming much more difficult for organizations to streamline processes, set up meetings, and build teams due to the lack of technologies adopted. Hence, adopting a proper technology stack like Windows provides regular technology updates, new releases, and fine-tuned solutions to answer the organizations’ questions like – How to improve employee engagement?

Get in touch with us for tailored Office 365 consulting services and discuss your unique business requirements with our experienced consultants.

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