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Microsoft Teams Vs Slack

Slack vs Team – Which Tool Is Best for Your Business?

07 September 2022

Microsoft Teams Vs Slack

As more and more businesses go digital, collaboration tools have become an essential part of the working culture. Both Slack and Microsoft Teams operate as collaboration platforms that are designed to allow employees to communicate with one another in a streamlined way. Each service specializes in different features, which makes them suitable for different business needs. So, which one is best for your business? To help you choose which collaboration platform is ideal for your business, in this article we will compare Slack vs Team based on several factors.

Slack vs Team – Features Comparison

  • Slack vs Team: Pricing Plans

Slack and Microsoft Teams both provide a free version that allows you to test the app’s quality and some of its features before subscribing to a premium subscription.

Slack’s Standard plan starts at $6.67 per user per month. It removes the restriction on the number of accessible messages, apps, integrations, and video calls. Additionally, it includes 5GB of file storage, One significant distinction is that 10,000 documented messages may be searched in free workspaces with Slack.

Screen sharing, which is exclusively available in Slack’s subscription plan, is also included in the free Microsoft Teams plans.

Microsoft Cloud services feature priced options starting at $5.00 per month with Microsoft 365 Business Basic. It provides limitless chat messages and guest access. However, there is a 2GB file attachment restriction in chat, and all teams cloud storage is capped at 10GB. Microsoft 365 subscriptions with Teams and other applications are available.

When compare Slack and Team pricing options, Teams provides greater storage for a similar price. Additionally, MS Teams is already a part of the corporate and business subscriptions. If your business currently has a Microsoft 365 subscription, you may utilize the premium version of Teams without paying any additional fees.

  • Slack vs Team: Built-In App Integrations

Teams provide strong integration with Microsoft 365 apps, allowing you to create, edit, and format Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft 365 applications, as well as interact with team members on a file in real-time.

Slack, includes Microsoft integrations like Outlook calendar and email, OneDrive, and SharePoint, but they aren’t as extensive as Teams’ Microsoft 365 integrations.

  • Slack vs Team: File Sharing and Collaboration

You can work in real-time with your team members and share files with MS Teams. Slack does not offer that feature, so if you want to edit the documents before sharing them again, you’ll need to download them first.

Teams enhances cooperation and productivity by combining all chats, conversations, shared files, online meetings, tasks assigned, and more into one interface. Your staff will be able to connect and access information anywhere, anytime, on any device just by installing the app.

  • Slack vs Team: User Interface

Teams user interface about onboarding, Microsoft Teams provides some guidance in the form of documents and a tutorial video. However, it is not as simple to understand as the tutorial video. In Slack, the channels menu segment has been replaced by groups. To keep communication between groups for different projects distinct, each group might have its channels.

Slack has a user interface that is well-liked in the industry. Furthermore, it has focused on creating a distinct onboarding experience, with special instructions for new members. Potential users will receive an email greeting.

  • Slack vs Team: Security and Compliance

Slack vs Team plans contain important security features such as two-factor authentication. Teams, on the other hand, offer more security and compliance choices.

Additionally, Teams has complete admin controls, allowing you to modify member, owner, file, and SharePoint rights. The conversation material and files in Teams can also be subject to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and data governance policies.

Teams are a great option for security because it conforms to Microsoft’s compliance and security guidelines. Microsoft also delivers enterprise-level security capabilities. MS Teams is a great option for security because it adheres to Microsoft’s compliance and security guidelines. Microsoft also delivers enterprise-level security capabilities.

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  • Slack vs Team: Help and Support

Slack vs Team both platforms offer a variety of help and support features to assist users with getting the most out of the software. Slack provides an in-app Help Center that is easy to navigate and provides a wide range of resources, including articles, videos, and tutorials on how to use various features and functions of the platform. This helps users to quickly find answers to their questions and learn how to use the software more efficiently.

Besides Microsoft Teams also provides an in-app help feature that users can access by clicking on the question mark icon. This opens a side panel with a search bar, where users can type in their question and find answers or tutorials. It also has a community of users where individuals can ask questions and get answers from other users. This community is another great resource for users who may have a specific question or issue that they need help with.

  • Slack vs Team: Video and Audio Calls

Microsoft Teams offers video and audio calls with up to 300 participants, making it a great choice for organizations with large teams or those that require large group calls. Slack’s video and audio calls are limited to 15 participants, making it a less ideal choice for organizations with large teams or those that require large group calls.

  • Slack vs Team: Search

Microsoft Teams has a more powerful search function, allowing users to search for specific messages or files across channels and chats. This makes it easier for users to find the information they need, even in large and complex teams. Slack’s search function is less comprehensive compared to Teams.

  • Slack vs Team: Customization

Slack allows for greater customization, including custom emoji, themes, and the ability to add apps and integrations from a wider range of sources. This makes it a good choice for organizations looking for greater customization options. Microsoft Teams offers less customization compared to Slack, but still provides a wide range of customization options for users.

Slack vs Team: Which is Best for Your Business?

The answer is determined by your existing situation and needs. By understanding the difference between Slack and Microsoft Teams, we can come this conclusion. Slack is an excellent choice if your business is just seeking for an intuitive chat application with outstanding productivity features and integrations. It has a minor advantage over the other technology in terms of user experience, bots, and profitability. All things considered, Slack remains the more innovative and user-friendly service, making it a mainstay with start-ups and smaller companies.

Also Microsoft Teams is a better option to meet your company’s needs because Teams on Microsoft’s desktop and mobile apps are rich in features like integrations with third-party apps, file sharing, real-time collaboration, and more. It help you team up with others in a way that makes sense for your business. It combines the best of email and task management with the power of real-time communication to ensure that your team stays connected and productive. With Teams, you will have access to all the features you need to create the best team environment possible.

You might need to move to Teams so you can benefit from its features, but how can you accomplish that? The migration experts at Star Knowledge can assist you with migrating Slack to Microsoft Teams safely and efficiently. Contact us today.

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