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Microsoft teams new features

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Teams Features

01 JUNE 2021

Microsoft teams new features

Around the globe, things are changing and nowadays, people searching for newer and better solutions at minimal changes is quite common to see. One such tool that can be used for collaboration, communication, content management at a single interface is Microsoft Teams.

According to global data of Teams as a remote work collaboration tool, 19% are the Teams users among 30% of remotely working employees with 145 million active users in America. Making employees communicated and organized with more updates and useful features rolling out from Microsoft targeting effective users collaboration.

Some of the basic features available in the Microsoft Teams and that matters for the organizations thriving to get modern workplace solutions are,

  1. Ability to integrate: Integrating different applications on a single interface is possible through Microsoft Teams that will allow to access hundreds of apps. Along with O365 apps, we can access 3rd party applications like YouTube, Trello, Hootsuite, etc., offering secured collaboration both internally and externally.
  2. More collaborative: Skype for business is getting retired because Skype will be upgraded to Teams that will enable its users to Collaborate, communicate and work together. The more intuitive features like Background effects, background blur, together mode for virtual auditorium effects will make users love to use during remote meetings.
  3. Microsoft whiteboard: Whiteboard gives an opportunity for real collaboration, where Teams meeting participants have access to sketch their ideas, erase, share content on the whiteboard app that everyone can see in real-time. Microsoft has announced 35 new features rolling out from this may allowing users to add images, stickers, color, etc., to achieve collaboration effectively.
  4. Built-in Translator: As opting for geographically distributed teams is a new norm Microsoft Teams will help you handle the boundaries on hiring global talents through built-in translators which will translate any conversation for you.
  5. Secured Connection: With the O365 subscription Microsoft provides a more secured platform for internal and external collaboration, where Microsoft helps protect your data with advanced security capabilities and meets ISO 27001 and SOC 1 & SOC 2 compliance requirements. With helping you invite external stakeholders to access documents and chat with internally.

Looking to embrace features of Microsoft Teams? Reach out to us, as the modern workplace service providers star knowledge provides Teams Consulting Services that fit the organizational needs.

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