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Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Transition from Skype to Teams

12 SEP 2020

Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Is Replacing Skype for Business

Whether it is Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams both the tools are helping us in better communication and Collaboration in terms of Persistent Chat, Team Messaging, and meetings. However last November Microsoft moved 22000 employees and vendors to Microsoft Teams from Skype for business and made teams to be the only mode for all communication and collaboration needs, Including calling, instant messaging, and meeting. This means Microsoft is permanently replacing Skype with Teams.

Why Transition from Skype to Teams?

Well, it looks like there is going to be a major shift coming up for companies using Skype for Business, and whether they’re ready or not, Microsoft Teams will be taking over. Some of the major contributors to this decision are: switching to Teams will not only supports the same functionality as Skype but offers you even more effective ways to help your team come together and get organized. Some of them include the addition of the Teams add-in for Outlook, creating meetings with dial-in numbers included the integrating Teams with Outlook for consistent presence across Office 365, compatibility of existing devices such as desk phones with Teams.

Microsoft Teams is available in the standard Office 365 suite Licenses. Premium capabilities in Skype will continue to be premium workloads in Teams as well after transition, and customers who made existing licensing investments will carry forward those investments into Teams. For example, if you have purchased a Phone System and Calling services for Skype, they will also be enabled within Microsoft Teams at no additional cost.

Teams are built for the cloud on a highly scalable microservices architecture that’s efficient in bandwidth consumption and allows for upgrades with little to no disruption. This means that the transition from skype to teams enables users to experience faster meeting join times and better browser experience without having to download plug-ins. This infrastructure is more modern and makes it easier to tap into Microsoft Cognitive Services – like transcription, speech recognition, matching learning capabilities, and translation – which all together promotes better, more effective communication and collaboration.

For the businesses suffering ineffectiveness from lagging communications and different collaboration tools to handle the workflow, moving to Teams plays as an alternative solution in workflow management. Because teams from Microsoft more related to skype could help organizations get benefited.

  • In communication management through group video calling till video broadcasting for reaching larger prospects.
  • In content management through group sharing (via SharePoint) or single sharing (via OneDrive) with predefined access limits.
  • In workflow management through planner for defining workflows and tracking project updates.
  • In managing meetings with clients or fellow team members with teams calendar.
  • In document management and added security features with the private intranet.

Hence, the modern workplace embracers need to pay attention to the modern technology updates like teams which is a replacement to Skype for enhanced user experience.

In conclusion, It’s the end of an era, but it’s also the beginning of a wave of new possibilities. The Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Collaboration is just one of many new or revamped systems that can impact your business this year.

So, if you are also planning to migrate from skype to teams let’s set up a call with Star Knowledge Microsoft teams’ experts to understand your business and technical needs in detail and see how we can help to be at the top of this phase of your business.

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