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Why Agile Methodology Is Great for Outsourced Software Development

Agile Methodology for Outsourced Software Development

11 July 2022

Why Agile Methodology Is Great for Outsourced Software Development

While most businesses are permanently shifting to remote working habits, outsourcing remains the best choice for them. Having an in-house IT staff, managing their infrastructure demands, and absorbing the costs are far more expensive than outsourcing.

The smartest strategy to outsource software development is to adopt the Agile methodology. With Agile development methodologies, it allows firms to tap into a bigger talent pool, save money, and assure flexibility. It also helps increase efficiency, reduces costs, and improves long-term project success.

Agile methodology is set for software development practices that were developed to improve the speed and quality of software development. Agile methodologies provide an alternative to the traditional, linear waterfall model by breaking large, complex projects into smaller, more manageable pieces. Because of this approach, projects can move faster and are better able to respond to changes in the business. According to the 2022 Statistics, agile project success rate is 64% and waterfall success rate is only 49%. Let’s discuss about why agile is great and what are its benefits for outsourced software project.

Benefits of Agile Methodology for Software Development

The faster product delivery

Agile methodology is emphasized iterative and incremental delivery of software. The result is better software at a faster pace than traditional methods, which can save both time and money. Agile software development outsourcing can benefit you deliver on your promises to your customers faster than ever before. This is because highly skilled and experienced software developers can work much faster than you can, and star knowledge software development outsourcing solutions can help you scale as your business grows.


The capacity to adapt and implement changes as needed is one of the most important benefits of Agile software development outsourcing. Any traditional software development method does not provide the project with the flexibility to accept changes. But when it comes to the agile approach, the ability to respond quickly and iteratively to changes in the project allows for changes and new features to be implemented in a couple of weeks.

Better Control

It allows integration of input and quality-control elements to provide managers with improved control over the project. The project’s implementation phase is quality-assured, and via the use of cutting-edge reporting tools and methods, all stakeholders are kept informed of the progress every day.

Better quality

One of the most significant benefits of Agile methodology in software development is that it enables the project to be broken down into smaller, more manageable components, allowing for testing and evaluations at each iteration. As a result, finding and fixing faults at an early point in the development process is significantly easier.

Improved team management

Agile development enables vendors called Kaizen technique to outsourced project management, allowing them to make ongoing improvements to development teams’ performance. The outsourcing vendor can examine the team’s performance after each iteration, identify the team’s flaws, and try to address them in the next iteration and also Instead of being forced to work together in a specific timeframe, teams can work together when it is most beneficial for them. This allows for better communication and collaboration, which helps teams improve their deliverables much more quickly.

Improves the predictability of the project

Because of the transparency provided by agile methods, there is improved visibility in the project. Sprint backlogs, user stories, and other tools assure that everyone is aware of what is going on in the project ahead of time. With agile, project managers can more accurately identify risks and team performance. Not only that, but agile helps product managers estimate deadlines and success to plan the timeframe and next sprints.

Reduced Cost

During the development process, the expense of issue fixing may quickly build up. The number of bugs in the program decreases as a result of continuous quality monitoring at each iteration of the Agile development process. As a consequence, the project’s cost might be greatly reduced.

Customer Satisfaction

Another benefit of the agile methodology in software development is customer satisfaction. The consumer is constantly a part of the decision-making process, which increases client retention. By keeping the client informed and making adjustments based on their feedback, you provide value to them and guarantee that the final product meets their exact specifications.


An exceptional chance for clients to participate at all stages of the project and ensure that changes are implemented, from prioritizing features to planning iterations, from review meetings to regular software builds for new features.

Improved team morale

Agile teams are self-organized and self-managing, giving them the autonomy and authority to make decisions without interference. The project manager serves to protect and shield the team, while the cross-functional nature of the teams helps members learn new project management skills and grow in their current roles. With frequent check-ins, teams are able to collaborate better, and the smaller team size creates a tight-knit environment with flexible team structures.


Software development projects require a lot of coordination, attention to detail, and close communication between teammates. As a result, it can often be difficult to coordinate such projects and get them done on time and within budget. Agile methodology for software development helps to reduce these challenges by providing a more flexible approach to project management that emphasizes continual communication and collaboration between teammates and the use of iterative processes to get projects done faster, cheaper, and better that’s why agile is great for an outsourced software project.

Star Knowledge is a major software development company. We use the Agile software development method to generate custom software that is easily adaptable to your business’s demands. Feel free to contact us if you are looking to outsource your project.


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