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salesforce commerce cloud

Significance of Salesforce Commerce Cloud for Retailers

24 Feb 2022

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Covid 19 – the flu became a reason for the fast-paced digital transformation around the globe where retailers were one among them to suffer great challenges, due to the increased demand for digital retailers, and customer behavioral changes made e-commerce solutions to become inevitable for retailers.

Many of the retailers have implemented e-commerce platforms to serve their customers both online and offline one such solution helping retailers serve multiple customers is salesforce commerce cloud solutions.

Salesforce commerce cloud is a SaaS platform that enables retailers to provide an addictive shopping experience to their customers through commerce solutions across multiple channels like Mobile, Web, Store, and Social. Leveraging Salesforce solutions for cloud commerce helps retailers drive innovative customer experience with increased conversions and branding.

Significance of Salesforce cloud in retail:

  1. To provide absolute customer service and experience both online and in-store
  2. Provides omnichannel experience throughout the customer journey to ease purchasing and servicing cycle.
  3. Enables retailers to manage inventories effectively
  4. Helps retailers enhance profitability by cutting various costs
  5. Enables retailers to store customer data and make informed decisions

Salesforce cloud for commerce solutions unifies customer experience of shopping on different channels – mobile, web, social media, marketplace, in-store, etc., as people online searches have been increasing constantly it is becoming essential for retailers to come up with an innovative solution to stay competitive in the market.

Using Salesforce as a retail cloud solution helps retailers to:

  • Process various marketing activities under one platform
  • Connect with customers at every level of the sales process
  • Store customer data and boost conversion rate
  • Target native audience with Internationalization features
  • Leverage AI (Einstein AI) for search results, suggestions, and user retention.

Salesforce commerce cloud platform provides prime resources to retailers for a quick digital transformation with also an opportunity to attract its customers. It also aims at making the digital experience seamless to produce a next-gen shopping experience.

In a conclusion, salesforce cloud service can be considered as a secure, safe, and scalable platform for retail service providers. Salesforce as a feature-loaded commerce cloud facilitate multistore management, internationalization, and other opportunities to increase retailer capabilities in serving customers more addictively.

Are you looking for a salesforce commerce cloud consultant for your eCommerce project? Contact us, as a preferred salesforce partner and leading commerce cloud solution providers we will help you develop the eCommerce website tailored to your needs.

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