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The Next Big Thing in PowerApps Features

09 Jun 2021

Microsoft PowerApps features

PowerApps is the hottest topic from Microsoft’s stable as we all hear and a leading RPA solution on the cloud including Dynamics 365 and SharePoint. If you have Dynamics 365, you are also likely licensed with PowerApps and Dataverse and you can use its features completely.

Dataverse (previously CDS – Common Data Services) is the cloud-based data store that captures data in the form of entities stored in Dynamics 365 enabling you to build end-to-end solutions to automate and operationalize your business processes to a large extent across various applications and devices.

PowerApps contain prebuilt templates, which provide a rapid application development environment for developing apps without any coding background. PowerApps serves you with two forms called Canvas apps and Model-driven apps that differentiate the purpose of building apps.

Canvas apps: for better User Experience

Model-driven apps: for establishing data connections

In the Microsoft Build 2021 virtual event, the software giant announced bringing powerful language models, GPT-3 to its Power Platform. Yes, Open API GPT-3 to its low code app development platform called PowerApps.

AI-Powered: With the Artificial Intelligence-powered features, PowerApps is going to attract a wider audience because app development can be commanded in natural languages which are then converted and provided with multiple Power FX formulas that help build apps, finding data with natural queries, etc.

AI will process language, extract phrases, recognizes texts, and helps you automate plenty of your tasks with the help of a Power Platform. With additional capabilities and extended no-code solutions from the Microsoft power platform, PowerApps web applications and mobile apps can be assembled with Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots that help enterprises to respond to customer queries automatically based on the response data collected previously.

PowerApps can be used as time-savers through automating rigorous tasks to save your employees’ work hours, creating one drop app for sharing files to all platforms at once.

Mixed reality in PowerApps – There are Mixed Reality features available in PowerApps which assists in 3D view, MR measurement, MR shapes, etc., with VR enabled mobile apps businesses can drive better user experience, view workflows, measure physical space, increase fieldwork capabilities, etc., where these components can be activated on PowerApps in simple steps.

With Power Apps, the solutions that you can build to automate your business are infinite. Have you been looking for solutions that you can automate? Schedule a call today with Star Knowledge to discuss potential solutions that can help you drive business continuity, productivity, and improved collaboration with Power Apps.

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