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Enhance Office 365 Capabilities with PowerApps

27 OCT 2020


PowerApps is one of the tools from the Microsoft office 365 suite of tools and a hotspot to leverage the capabilities of office 365 to make an impact in your business growth.

Microsoft PowerApps leverages the use of office 365, Azure, OneDrive for business, SharePoint, and Dynamics CRM with the ability to integrate data from other cloud services like Oracle, Dropbox, Salesforce, CRM, etc., to enhance the business process flow using PowerApps and to increase the efficiency in the workflow.

With the PowerApps low-code development platform, it eases the process of business app development while empowers the developers in building a highly interactive App with a deep insight into the business process flow.

Microsoft PowerApps to bridge the Gap:

A wide range of enterprises is making use of Microsoft PowerApps to achieve solutions for their complex problems under one platform. And some of the business which is leveraging the Power Apps to bridge the gaps in their organizations are:

  • Retail Industries
  • Construction companies
  • Healthcare providers
  • Banking
  • Financial Institution etc.

The overall benefit of having the PowerApps in the organization will have the ability to:

  • Automate the workflow
  • Connect work procedure involving multiple workflows
  • Data visualization and reporting
  • Ability to connect field works
  • Easy access to reports
  • Bridge communication gap inside the process flow
  • Enhance collaboration in workflow
  • Client follow up etc.,

PowerApps Features to ease business Process:

Power Apps now have the ability to take up Microsoft machine learning and Microsoft AI frameworks to deliver smarter and result-driven solutions for enterprises. Benefits of using PowerApps in business are:

  • For a business to automate and predict the outcome
  • Directly integrating customers to power apps and automate
  • Single view on client’s behavior
  • Reducing development and deployment cost by 70%
  • Avoids generating duplicate data
  • Adding intelligence to each process and ability to forecast results

And many more, read on what forester reveals about the benefits of PowerApps and flow in business growth.

Drag and drop featured app development with integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence intensifies the process of enterprises from the entry-level of developing business applications until the end of the business automation process.

Leverage Office365 using PowerApps:

Enterprises accessing Microsoft office 365 service (Dynamics, share point, Power Automate, Power BI, etc.,) in a web application or through Office 365 cloud services can leverage PowerApps for mobile applications for accessing Microsoft business tools for actionable insights during the work process.

MS Power Apps for office365 enhances and enables you to access all your data and reports generated in Microsoft office apps in a remote workplace to enable easy workflow and also helps to avoid the assumptions and inaccuracy in the process in case of any loss happened in physical reports. This in return saves them time and gives access to interactive reports in a remote area.

Expertise in Microsoft PowerPlatform like Star knowledge can build an unconditional solution for the business, irrespective of their size to help them achieve their best outcome. Want to enhance your enterprise capabilities with PowerApps? Then contact us for the Microsoft PowerApps pricing.

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