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Power Apps & Flow on mind? Here’s What Forrester Reveals

09 JUN 2020

There’s no doubt that Microsoft Power Apps is disrupting the application development market by bringing numerous capabilities from mixed reality, to Artificial Intelligence (AI), to rapid business process automation. If your business is looking out to make an investment in this next-gen technology, the below facts will tell you why you should hurry.

Forrester’s study on The Total Economic Impact of PowerApps and Microsoft Flow helps businesses that are on the verge of implementing Microsoft Power Apps in better understanding the costs, benefits, and risks associated with the investment. The research identifies the quantifiable and unquantifiable benefits of implementing Power Apps and Flow. Let’s understand each of them one by one:

  • Reduced Cost of Application Development

Forrester in its study reveals, with Power Apps and Flow, businesses will be able to reduce the average cost of application development by 70%. With Microsoft Power Apps, the resources and efforts that are required in developing mobile applications are much lower when compared to the traditional application development methods. The low-code app development capability eliminates the need for time-consuming coding efforts which in turn leads to no code maintenance. The study quantifies that over $3.5 million in application development costs can be avoided.

  • Eliminates Vendor License Costs

With Power Apps, you’re investing in the capability of developing applications in-house. Businesses can build additional applications in less time, replace them with external legacy applications, and seek freedom from vendor lock-ins. Power Apps doesn’t require your in-house team to be highly skilled in application development. In fact, any staff in the organization can build apps rapidly using the platform’s drag-and-drop functionality. The investment is sure to save nearly a hundred thousand dollars to your business.

  • Improved Process Automation and Efficiencies

The study quantifies that efficiencies can be improved by 15% for 1,575 users and $5.32 million in efficiencies can be achieved over the life of the study. Microsoft Power Apps and Flow (Power Automate) are designed to help you digitize manual, paper-based processes that cost your organization a lot of productive time. With several projects delivered on Microsoft Power Apps, we have witnessed a high-efficiency growth in our clients’ organizations. They are achieving more, saving big with less.

  • Improved Business Outcomes

Digital transformation is what every organization is seeking today, and Power Apps is making it possible, but faster. With Microsoft Power Platform, you can streamline, automate business processes that will help you deliver improved business outcomes and business transformation. The study also reveals that Power Apps implementation reduces time-to-market, results in happier customers, and protects revenues.

  • Additional Value Realized with Microsoft Stack

The study explains that Power Apps helps organizations realize additional value with other Microsoft Solutions. Office 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft SharePoint, and other solutions “enable businesses to build on prior investments to create more value”. Power Apps can be easily integrated with Microsoft Solutions and other third-party applications by using a wide array of connectors.

Power Apps and Flow The Actual Business Benefits Achieved

The Study states the interviewed “organizations experienced benefits of $8.9 million over three years versus costs of $1.9 million, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $7.0 million and an ROI of 362%.”

As per the study, the key benefits achieved from Power Apps and Flow investment are:
  • Process automation, business transformation, digitizing legacy processes that no longer made sense in the mobile-first world.
  • High cost savings
  • Modernize IT

Want to partner with a Microsoft Power Apps consultant to exploit the business potential? Get in touch with us.

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