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Salesforce productivity cloud

How Salesforce increases sales productivity in organization

10 Mar 2022

Microsoft 365 for hybrid workplace

Improving sales productivity is always a concern for organizations because efficiency in sales teams assures business growth, hence plenty of organizations adopt salesforce to bring efficiency and effectiveness in sales. 

Salesforce in an organization helps streamline and automate sales processes by enabling them to generate sales reports, forecasting, etc., on sales funnels by replacing traditional methods of error-prone reporting and removing loopholes. 

Surveys conducted on Salesforce have proved that using Salesforce in business increased win rates and conversion rates by more than 36%. 

Rather than pushing employees to upskill or making them learn how to be effective to increase sales efficiency to boost productivity technology helps businesses find the right track in boosting efficiency – the right usage of resources in the workplace. 

Increasing sales productivity may get tangled with many unvalued tasks getting rid of mundane tasks (managing emails, activity logging, data collection, etc.) increases your rep availability resulting in enabling a productive environment in an organization. And in one of the studies, it is found that reps in any organization spend 66% of their time on non-selling activities. 

Thus, salesforce being introduced on a scale at most of all industry levels to increase productivity in sales, and here listed some top use cases of it: 

  1. Keeps you on a right track to find the right customers.
  2. Helps you build a good relationship with targeted prospects.
  3. Improves employee productivity
  4. Decreases paper works and repetitive tasks.
  5. Automates mundane tasks
  6. Enhances team collaboration with continuous communication
  7. Assists in time management
  8. Enables lead mapping
  9. Allows you to integrate with multiple platforms
  10. Provides you Advances reporting and analytics

If the organization is a Microsoft user and already established teams to build collaboration, then combining teams with salesforce increases sales productivity. Collaborating teams with salesforce help with: 

  1. Building sales teams inside teams help reps to share important information directly in the group and that avoids mistakes and miscommunications between team members.
  2. Creating collaborative workspace with effective operational systems and work environment.
  3. Grouping the right people from the entire organization to the right sales activity connects everyone at the workplace to closing more deals.
  4. Connecting experts with teams to share their experience, knowledge, and information helps members tackle problems during their work.
  5. Aligning sales and marketing to boost productivity with teams and salesforce.

Looking to get salesforce solutions to increase sales productivity in your organization? Contact us as a salesforce partner and expert digital solutions provider we can help you cross all the barriers in building a sales productive workplace.

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