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Valo to Involv Intranet Migration

Valo to Involv Intranet Migration for Venture Capital Organization

03 June 2023

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The Client:

The client is a large venture capital organization.

The Need:

The client sought to substitute Valo with Involv’s Intranet solution, which presented a straightforward alternative. While Valo had undergone extensive customization for the client’s specific branding requirements, Involv’s offering provided user-friendly customization features that made the client seriously consider adopting Involv.

The Challenge:

Our client, a leading venture capital organization, faced the impending end-of-life for their Valo intranet solution. They needed a robust alternative that could seamlessly replace Valo, a highly customized platform for their specific branding needs. The challenges included preserving several years’ worth of valuable data stored in their Valo sites and replacing all existing web parts, including people directories, notifications alerts, custom posting capabilities, and branding features that were easy to manage.

The Solution:

Despite Valo’s maturity and extensive development history, the client found a promising alternative in Involv’s intranet solution. The migration project began by creating new Involv sites and meticulously transferring and mapping the existing content to the new layouts. Before project initiation, an in-depth analysis was conducted using Involv’s Scanner to identify data anomalies, assess the depth of Valo’s use cases, and evaluate user adoption.

Following the analysis, features and requirements were meticulously mapped, and the migration was executed without any data loss. The process included thorough data validation and comprehensive user training to ensure a smooth transition and optimal adoption.


    1. End-of-Life Replacement: Involv provided an efficient solution to replace Valo’s aging setup, ensuring business continuity.
    2. Data Preservation: All valuable content was successfully migrated to the new Involv platform without any data loss, safeguarding years of crucial information.
    3. Feature Continuity: Existing web parts, including custom content and notifications, were seamlessly implemented from Involv’s extensive web part library.
    4. Customization and Scalability: Involv’s solution offered easy management, the ability to customize the intranet as per branding requirements, and scalability with robust data security measures.

Technologies Utilized:

      • Involv Enterprise Intranet
      • SharePoint
      • CSS
      • Valo Scanner by Involv


Our collaboration with the prominent venture capital organization exemplifies a successful transition from an aging Valo intranet to the robust Involv solution. We not only ensured the preservation of years’ worth of vital data but also seamlessly replaced and customized web parts. If your organization faces a similar challenge, consider Involv for a smooth, feature-rich transition. Contact us today to embark on your intranet transformation journey.

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