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Google Workspaces to Microsoft 365 Migration

Google Workspace to M365 Migration for Wealth Management Firm

10 July 2023

The Client

The client is a reputable wealth management firm offering comprehensive investment solutions.

The Need

The Client was facing the challenge of managing multiple cloud licensing systems while utilizing Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 Business for their operations. Seeking to consolidate their setup and take advantage of Microsoft’s advanced collaboration tools, including SharePoint, Teams, and Power Apps, the client turned to Star Knowledge for a seamless migration from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.


The client’s existing infrastructure comprised Google Workspace alongside M365 Business for accessing Office applications. The dual licensing systems posed management complexities, and the client desired a streamlined and simplified setup. Additionally, the company aimed to leverage Microsoft’s powerful capabilities, such as SharePoint and Power Apps, necessitating the migration of substantial data from Google to Microsoft.


To meet the client’s requirements, we undertook a thorough evaluation of the existing setup and preparedness of the organization. Our focus was on migrating a substantial amount of data, including 1.5 TB of mailboxes and close to 1 TB of Google Drive storage, to Microsoft 365. Our goal was to ensure a smooth transition with zero data loss. This encompassed transferring emails, contacts, and archived emails, employing an efficient batch migration technique.


Enhanced Feature Set: By migrating to Microsoft 365, The Client had access to a superior feature set compared to Google Workspaces, ensuring improved productivity and collaboration within the organization.

Advanced Automation and Document Management: With the adoption of SharePoint, Teams, and Power Apps, the client unlocked the potential for automation services, robust storage solutions, and streamlined document management, enabling efficient internal application development.

Reliable Support Services: Star Knowledge’s managed services offerings provided client with improved support for their Microsoft 365 environment, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Simplified Licensing Management: The consolidation of their cloud setup eliminated the need for managing multiple licensing systems, simplifying the licensing management process, and reducing administrative overhead.

Technology Used

  • Microsoft 365
  • Power Apps
  • SharePoint

Discover how Star Knowledge can streamline your cloud migration, unlock advanced collaboration capabilities, and simplify management. Contact us today to explore how we can help your organization seamlessly transition from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365, empowering your teams with powerful tools for productivity and innovation.

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