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SharePoint migration

SharePoint Migration for Leading American CPA Firm

10 July 2023

Migrating Local File Server to SharePoint Online - blog

The Client:

The Client is a leading American CPA financial services firm with years of experience.

The Need:

The Client faced several challenges with their traditional on-premises file server. With over 15 years of data stored, managing the file server had become increasingly laborious and time-consuming. The firm also faced security concerns with Windows Server 2012          approaching end-of-support, and the lack of mobile access to their data hindered productivity. Client sought a cloud-based solution, considering options such as Citrix, to address these challenges effectively.


With a longstanding history of operations, The Client had accumulated a vast amount of data, exceeding 6 TB, stored on their Windows File Server. However, managing this on-premises infrastructure became increasingly burdensome, compounded by security concerns stemming from the impending end of support for Windows Server 2012. Furthermore, the inability to access data seamlessly on mobile devices hindered productivity. Recognizing the need for change, BalCPA explored cloud-based alternatives, including Citrix.


Star Knowledge undertook a comprehensive assessment of Client’s existing business processes, culminating in a solution architecture centered around SharePoint as the preferred Document Management System. Leveraging SharePoint’s robust capabilities in managing metadata and facilitating automation configurations, Star Knowledge proposed an efficient migration strategy.

This involved logically breaking down large datasets for optimal storage in SharePoint, configuring custom metadata columns for enhanced search and filtering, and seamlessly migrating all data while decommissioning the file server.

To ensure data integrity and controlled access, role-based access control security was established, catering to the principle of “need-to-know” information dissemination. Additionally, automation of document approval processes was implemented, complete with version control tracking.


  • Cloud Migration: Client’s successfully migrated their data to SharePoint Online, ensuring availability on the cloud and overcoming the limitations of on-premises infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Seamless data synchronization with OneDrive empowered the client’s personnel to access and collaborate on files from local devices, both online and offline. Custom views on SharePoint, coupled with metadata values, facilitated efficient data retrieval and management.
  • Streamlined Processes: The automation of document approval processes on SharePoint eliminated manual bottlenecks, enabling efficient workflows, and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Robust Security Measures: Star Knowledge implemented robust security measures to protect data integration and mitigate the risk of data loss, providing the client with peace of mind and regulatory compliance.

Technology Used:

  • SharePoint
  • Share Gate

Are you seeking a seamless transition to the cloud, improved accessibility, and streamlined automation? Discover how Star Knowledge can help your organization leverage SharePoint to empower your workflows, enhance security, and achieve business growth. Contact us today for a consultation and embark on your own success story.

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